University of Calgary

Science Fair

April 8, 2009

Young scientists awarded

Medals, plaques, trophies, cash and scholarships were handed out to 115 young scientists of the future on Sunday at the Calgary Youth Science Fair (CYSF)—the largest regional science fair in Canada, by far.

This year the University of Calgary sponsored 11 of the awards presented at the fair. Four of the U of C sponsored winners will go on to represent Calgary at the Canada Wide Science Fair, to be held this year in Ottawa, in early May.

“We need more students to become interested in science to solve the problems that Mother Nature puts in front of us,” said Chuck Buckley,president of CYSF and a geologist who got involved in the fair as a judge in 1980. “The CYSF provides a fun positive and educational environment for students interested in science to develop a passion for it.”


The 696 projects were judged on scientific method; creativity and insight; and communication by 575 judges. In total 997 students took part in the fair.

To find out more how you can get involved with the CYSF, contact Susan MacMillan at

U of C sponsored Calgary Youth Science Fair Awards:

U of C Dept of Geoscience Elementary Award
Recipient: Tara Gray
Project: Snow Stength

U of C Dept of Geoscience Elementary (Runner Up)
Recipient: Maggie Dingwell
Project: Global Warming, Algae and Plant Growth

U of C Dept of Geoscience Secondary (Runner Up)
Recipient: Desmond Sisson
Project: Let There be Light

U of C Dept of Geoscience Secondary

Recipient: Hayley Todesco
Project: Hazy Days!

Schulich School of Engineering Second Prize
Recipient:Ashifa Hassam
Project: Oil Rig

Schulich School of Engineering First Prize
Recipient: Phillippe Assaad
Project: La Telerobotique...Le Future

Faculty of Social Sciences Award
Recipient: Karly Gunson and Avalon Short
Project: Can Money Really Buy Happiness

Bachelor of Health Science Award
Recipient: Swasti Lodha
Project: Attitudes About Teenage Pregnancy

Faculty Women’s Club Award - U of C
Recipient: Annie Wang and Julie Xu
Project: Microbial Growth in Agar Beads

Chancellor’s Club Bursary
Recipient: Tavian Barnes
Project: Decimal Arithmetic Encodings

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