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Math researcher wins grant to help develop investor software

UToday HomeApril 4, 2013

By Devon Lavigne

Math researcher wins grant to help develop investor softwareWinsor Hoang, president and founder of CTS Forex, Antony Ware from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Calgary, and Kaijie Cui, PhD candidate, have received an Engage grant in support of their work on software for optimizing investor returns on foreign currency trading. Photo courtesy CTS ForexAntony Ware, director of the Mathematical and Computational Finance Laboratory at the University of Calgary, in collaboration with CTS Forex, a Calgary-based software company, are working on tools to design software which gives investors the means to better diversify their portfolios and maximize their rates of return.

The research has provided its own return in the form of an Engage Grant from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. This is the first time the grant has been garnered by the University’s Mathematics and Statistics Department.

The Engage grant is intended to foster new partnerships between researchers and private-sector companies in the fields of science and engineering. Research must be shown to further the Canadian economy, and must produce new or innovative knowledge. It also falls in line with the third prong of the University’s Eyes High mandate, to see the University’s research better the community.

Founded in 2010 by Winsor Hoang, P.Eng., CTS Forex focuses on automated diversified trading strategies in foreign-currency markets. Since its inception, the software has consistently provided high rates of return for investors.

“Mathematics plays an integral role in the development of much of the advanced technology we enjoy today,” said Ware, an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics who focuses his research in the areas of mathematical finance, risk management and energy markets.

“CTS Forex has recognized the potential for mathematical tools to help improve their automated trading algorithms, and we are delighted that the NSERC Engage grant has given us this chance to establish an ongoing partnership with them," added Ware.

Kaijie Cui, a Department of Mathematics and Statistics PhD student, is working on the project. A portion of the funds from the grant are being used to support his contribution to the project over the next six months.

Further information on Ware’s research can be found at


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