University of Calgary

Helping you find your way

UToday HomeApril 20, 2012

The university is undertaking a project to improve wayfinding signage and identification to improve navigation around its campuses and buildings.

The branding and wayfinding initiative is intended to make it easier for students, staff and visitors, especially those unfamiliar with the university, to find their way around. It will also ensure consistency of signage, and upgrade those that are old or outdated. It will also identify the university within Calgary and reinforce our brand.

“It is important that we get this right as improved signage and aesthetics will help provide a greater sense of pride and awareness of the University of Calgary as one of this city’s largest and most dynamic community institutions,” said Bob Ellard, vice-president, facilities management and development.

“We feel there is a real need to make it easier for students, staff and visitors to find their way around our facilities. If approved, this project will also provide an excellent opportunity to improve identification and branding of the university’s facilities along some of Calgary’s major arterial roads, such as 16 Avenue, Crowchild, 24 Avenue and 32 Avenue N.W.”

The project is in an initial planning stage, with the complete scope of the work, timetable and associated cost yet to be determined.

The Students’ Union has initiated the first stage of this branding and wayfinding project by committing funding through the Quality Money program to refurbish and beautify the main entry at University Drive and 24th Avenue.

"What's fantastic about this specific project is that it came directly from an undergraduate student who thought, 'it should be grand, but it's so damn bland,’” says Students’ Union President Dylan Jones. “This idea then transformed into an extremely well-done proposal which hit all the markers for a good Quality Money investment. In the end, the Quality Money Committee thought this would be a great contribution to the quality of student life here at the University of Calgary."