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Making their mark at AERA

UToday HomeApril 2, 2012

Darren LundDarren Lund will receive a special award for his work in social justice at the AERA conference in Vancouver. Photo by Riley BrandtMore than 30 University of Calgary representatives are attending the American Education Research Association conference—one of the most important and prestigious conferences in education in the world—that brings together some 13,000 educators and 2,000 scholarly papers, posters, roundtables, and other forms of presentation.

To date, 21 faculty members are scheduled to make presentations, and several graduate students will present their research at the five-day conference, which begins on April 13 in Vancouver. It’s one of the faculty’s largest contingents to an AERA conference ever.

“The theme of this year’s AERA conference is ’Non Satis Scire: To Know Is Not Enough,’” says education dean Dennis Sumara. “Our faculty members and graduate students will be presenting research that represents our faculty's commitment to educational research that impacts communities that we serve—in the form of traditional research papers and other forms such as films created with participants in community engaged scholarship.“

Professor Darren Lund has been selected to receive Critical Educators for Social Justice Special Interest Group Scholar-Activist Award for 2012. Professors Michele Jacobsen and Sharon Friesen’s paper on barriers to systemic, effective, and sustainable technology use in the classroom has been nominated for Best Paper by the Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning group.

A film produced by professor Shirley Steinberg will be presented. Through Paulo’s Glasses: Critical Pedagogy for Here and Now, is about the late Brazilian educator who was a champion for critical pedagogy—the study and research into the social, cultural, political, economic, and cognitive dynamics of teaching and learning.

A second session of note is a symposium on Linguistic Diversity, during which associate professor Rahat Naqvi will present her paper on working towards sustainable multilingualism in urban settings.

“AERA is one of the largest and most important research conferences in the field of Education and we are pleased to have such strong participation from the University of Calgary,” says Sumara. “It’s exciting to be there to present, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to network and be in the midst of the most current debates in the field of educational research.”