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April 17, 2009

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Heart safe
From the heart, the University of Calgary can honestly lay claim to being the safest campus in Canada thanks to the installation of 52 new defibrillators.

PhD student makes strides in editing world
Robyn Read, a PhD candidate in the Department of English, has been named Acquiring Editor for Freehand Books, Canada’s newest literary press.

Controlling cattle infections
The organism that causes Johne’s disease in cattle costs the Canadian industry between $15 and $90 million a year. Researchers at UCVM are investigating how to prevent new infections in a herd.

Math prof inspires others one step at a time
92-year-old U of C math professor and his 90-year-old wife Louise will be climbing the Calgary Tower’s 802 steps as part of the Climb and Run for Wilderness.

kneeWatch the video:
Female hormone cycle affects knee joints




Postcard from Argentina
Abigail Alty, third-year Spanish major, challenged herself by going on an exchange to Argentina for a semester. Where better to learn Spanish, eat great food and learn the tango! Here’s her postcard home. Watch the slide show.



Addiction Day & Networking Fair

April 21
> Whitewater in my Backyard? Discover Calgary's Local Rivers.

April 23 & 24
Urban Dance Project MFA Concert: Inside/Out

April 27
> Lunch and Learn: Yoga for Well-Being: Evidence from Cancer Survivors (Space limited; register early)
> Floral Photo Ops-Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies

May 6
Pack Without Breaking Your Back: Lightweight Backpacking