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Library survey prize winners announced

UToday HomeApril 16, 2013

Grand prize: Steve VamosiGrand prize: Steve Vamosi
Gift card winner: Amanda BischkeGift card winner: Amanda Bischke
Gift card winner: Tara Walsh LockieGift card winner: Tara Walsh Lockie
Libraries and Cultural Resources has announced the winners of the LibQUAL+ Library Survey prizes.

The grand prize winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet is Steve Vamosi, associate professor, Population Biology. Vamosi was thrilled to receive the prize, commenting that he thought he might have trouble keeping the tablet for himself given that he has a couple of kids at home who were very excited to hear the news. Vamosi also commented that he thought the library was doing an awesome job.

The two gift card winners were Amanda Bischke ($75) and Tara Walsh Lockie ($50). Bischke is studying kinesiology and Walsh Lockie is wrapping up her education degree. Both of the students have plans to put the gift certificate from the University Bookstore to good use.

The LibQUAL+ survey was conducted from Feb. 25 to March 15. The survey is designed to gather information on users’ perceptions of the library’s service quality. All faculty and a random sample of graduates and undergraduate students received an email invitation with a link to the survey. A total of 650 completed responses were submitted. The initial results have been received by the library and are currently being reviewed. A report to the university community will be issued in fall 2013.


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