University of Calgary

Winter 2007



Research Blossoms in Poppy Lab
A biochemist seeks to unlock the secret of one of the oldest domesticated plants.

Global Reach
From research into arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh to tracking media results in Peru, U of C is making its mark globally.

Cosmic Giant
An international project to build the world’s largest radio telescope will give scientists a glimpse into the universe, as it was just after the Big Bang.




International Journey
Katrina Repka lives and works in London, balancing her new role as a mother with her career as yoga instructor and author.

A Solo Passion
Cenek Vrba put down roots in Calgary after fleeing from behind the Iron Curtain.

India Educator
K.B. Patil leveraged his university experience in Calgary to fulfil his passion of making higher education more accessible in a corner of rural India.


Universal Note
Haskayne student Ye Jiang talks about the international student experience at the U of C

Uncover Research
Searching for black gold in Mexico, training one million Chinese teachers and exploring community logging in Mayan villages.

Unconventional Researcher
Meet Dr. James Maskalyk: explorer, missionary, doctor and DJ.

Unite Community
Schulich School of Engineering students learn the intricacies of Swiss eningeering.

Unveil Works
Newly-published books and recommendations from alumni.

Unexpected View
Janice Heard on her international experiences helping children.

Unique Alumni
Lara Quarterman on her efforts to fight human trafficking in Nairobi.

Unlimited Alumni
Catch up with classmates.

Unforgettable Imagery
Flashback to a group of U of C students who studied in Mexico - 40 years ago.


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Michael Banasiak, Adrienne Beattie, Ken Bendiktsen, Christian Bök, Satoko Brideaux, Shelley Boettcher, Michelle Cook, Dr. Wayne Giles, Stuart Gradon,Lorne Jaques, Ye Jiang, Garry Kan, Alana Mikkelsen, Jennifer Myers, Ewan Nicholson,Randy Quan, Lara Quarterman, Grady Semmens, George Webber, Tyler Zacharias

Alumna Katrina Repka and her daughter Delaney have recently settled in London, where Repka teaches yoga and takes a family-first approach to raising her daughter. / Photo by Randy Quan