University of Calgary

Spring 2007




Robotic Revolution
The world's first MRI-compatible
robotic neuroArm will revolutionize neurosurgery and put Canada
on the leading edge of image-guided
robotic surgery.

U Extra:

Watch a video of U of C's neuroArm

From Feet to Flippers
A young researchers pics up the torch of alumna Betsy Nicholls, who changed the face of prehistory by unearthing the largest marine reptile ever found.

Youthful Endeavours
Physiologist Russ Hepple is exploring ways to slow down the aging process in muscles and keep us fitter longer.


Shooting from the Crease
A former Dino makes Team Canada and
has aspirations to coach in the U.S.
Nursing Some Independent Thinking
Cristina Zaganelli is advocating developpment
of the nurse practitioner role to meet the health care
system's mounting challenges.

A Magical Production
Simon Mallett discovered his passion for creating
social change through theatre.


Universal Note
Associate professor Bart Beaty on the opportunities for a young institution, city and nation

Update News
The latest developments and upcoming events at the U of C.

Uncover Research
Spinal disc research, the impact of climate change or caribou health and digging up statistics on child maltreatment in wealthy Alberta.

Unconventional Researcher
Melanie Keats is helping a new generation of young cancer survivors on the road to recovery.

Unite Community
Reaching out to Calgary kids through the Urban Dance Project.

Unexpected View
Julie Bogle on the challenges she'll face as a young leader on campus.

Unlimited Alumni
Catch up with your peers' news in the latest class notes.

Unveil Works
New books, CDs and recommendations from alumni.

Unleashed Opinion
An alumnus celebrates his peers' imagination and ambition in the arts.

Upbeat Events

Unforgettable Imagery
The new Child Development Centre goes green to meet the highest standards in Canada.


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Dr. Bart Beaty, Ken Bendiktsen, Karen Cook, Laurie Drukier, Greg Harris, Mark Hopkins, D.J. Kelly, Don McSwiney, Alana Mikkelsen, Leanne Niblock, Ewan Nicholson, Sabrina Phillip, Grady Semmens, Colleen Seto, Jason Stang, Chris Thomas, Kirk Thurbide, George Webber.

Victoria finds motivation through movement as part of the U of C's Urban Dance Project.
/ Photo by Ewan Nicholson.