University of Calgary

Fall 2006

fall06VOL UME 2, NUMBER 2


Generation R
These student researchers are part of a new generation of U of C students

The Greatest Dino of All Time
Who is the greatest athlete from the past 40 years?

40 Students to Watch
Their success will help shape the U of C of the future




On Top of the World
Andrew Brash is back in a Calgary classroom after saving a fellow climber on Everest.

Stripping Down on 17th Avenue
Medeana Moussa shows retail success requires more than just a catchy name.

Wild to the C.O.R.E.
Jordan Thistlewood worked on the largest film project produced in Canda to date.

Unlimited Alumni
Find out what former classmates are up to.


Universal Note
Provost Alan Harrison on the value of student research.

Update News
The latest happenings at the U of C.

Uncover Research
Why half a million Germans are drawn to western Canada's Aboriginal culture each year; the complex relationship between an indigenous people of Cenral Asia and their physical environment; and a new style of learning in a gadget-rich digital age.

Unconventional Researcher
China-educated doctor Yunyan Zhang immigrated to Canada and promptly headed back to school. The young neurologist-turned-biomedical engineer is now developing new techniques to help detect and manage multiple sclerosis.

Unite Community
Forget selling cookies. A group of Girl Guides heads to K-Country for some hands-on research.

Unveil Works
Newly-published books and recommendations from alumni.

Unexpected View
Meet Joanne Cuthbertson, the U of C's 11th chancellor.

Unlimited Opinion
Mary-Wyne Ashford believes ordinary people have the power to guide the world towards peace.

Unforgettable Imagery
A bird's eye view of the facility that allows Beckham to bend it like, well, Beckham.


U is published three times a year by University of Calgary University Relations and the U of C Alumni Association.

Editor: Colleen Turner
Associate Editor: Matthew Fox

Mary-Wynne Ashford, Ken Bendiktsen, Chris Bolin, Erin Carpenter, Michelle Cook, Charles Cousins, Joanne Cuthbertson, Laurie Drukier, Pablo Galvez, Kim Gordey, Stuart Gradon, Greg Harris, Alan Harrison, Pierre LaMielle, Don McSwiney, Alana Mikkelsen, Ewan Nicholson, Cecilia O'Farrell, Grady Semmens, Meghan Sired, Alexandra Venter, Reza Webistan, Bruce Weir, Aaron Whitfield, Christianne Wile, Tyler Zacharias.