University of Calgary

Making News

Dr. Christopher Doig, assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine and medical director of the intensive-care unit at Foothills Medical Centre, says that before rules are changed about when organs can be taken from a patient, health officials need to seriously consider the implications. He warns that there is no clear way to determine from whom, how and when to best withdraw life-sustaining treatments in the ICU. An article with Doig’s comments appeared in the Calgary Herald, National Post, Prince Rupert Daily News, Windsor Star, Leader-Post, Ottawa Citizen, St. John’s Telegram and on

U of C petroleum engineering graduate Ravinder Minhas, BSc’05, made headlines in the United States after buying the Joseph Huber Brewing Co. in Monroe, Wisconsin. Minhas claims to be the youngest brewery owner in the world, reported the Wisconsin State Journal and Knight-Ridder Tribune. The energetic and confident Calgary native bought the company with money earned from a company he started six years ago called Mountain Crest Brewing Co.

There is a shortage of staff to provide services to autistic children, says news. Workers are leaving agencies that help children in need for less-stressful jobs—thus leaving the agencies to hire less-qualified staff, says Dr. Anne Hughson, associate professor at the U of C. “When agencies are desperate, they start to maybe reduce their qualifications, or their credentials, or maybe even the standards that they have for hiring people.”

Respect will soon rise for the Dinos men’s volleyball team now that new coach Rod Durrant has been recruited to lead the team, predicts a recent Calgary Herald article. “I want to bring back the Dino pride and the respect that this program should have with the athletes in this province,” said Durrant.

U of C social work professor Dr. Bruce MacLaurin helped analyze results of a study organized by AIDS Calgary and the U of C which surveyed 355 street youth between the ages of 15 and 24. The study found that a quarter of all youth living on Calgary streets have swapped sex for shelter or food. MacLaurin said the results are immediately being put to use as service groups from across Calgary discuss how to adapt programs as a result of the findings. MacLaurin was quoted in the Calgary Herald.