University of Calgary

Oct. 18/07

Vol. 4 No. 3
philippa baker

Epilepsy team puts ‘brainstorms’ under the microscope
Philippa Baker’s epileptic seizures prevented her from volunteering in her kids’ schools, and made her afraid to walk to the mailbox alone for fear she’d walk into traffic. Most of all, the increasing severity made her worry one of her children would come home one day and find her dead on the floor. After meeting and seeking treatment with the epilepsy team at the University of Calgary/Calgary Health Region, Baker is once again “truly living.” >> more


New recruit tackles information security in a wireless world
Wireless technology has made our lives more convenient, but it has also opened up more opportunities for sabotage, eavesdropping, identity theft and privacy violations. Rei Safavi-Naini, the new iCORE Chair in Information Security at the University of Calgary, will work with other researchers to create Alberta-made solutions to information security and privacy issues and drive those solutions to the marketplace. >> more


Students invited to “show us your wow” and win
In the first contest of its kind, University of Calgary students have the chance to get their “U” on YouTube, stretch their filmmaking skills and win $1,000 in tuition. The “Show Us Your Wow!” YouTube contest invites students to make a short video in which they describe what they love about the U of C. >> more

ian tyson

United Way lunch with Ian Tyson a hit
The lunch cost Brenda Weber $1,300, but the price was well worth it to spend time with country music legend Ian Tyson. Weber, who outbid a slew of other fans for the honour at the University of Calgary’s United Way launch, found Tyson to be a “genuinely nice, low-key guy.” >> more

demchuk and hill

Canada leads in emergency room stroke prevention
A landmark Canadian pilot study, involving University of Calgary researchers at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, has shown that the use of a combination of clot-reducing drugs could have huge benefits for patients suffering from “mini-strokes” by preventing secondary strokes from occurring. >> more


Getting kids the help they need—faster
A new University of Calgary community initiative is helping to reduce wait times for psychological assessments of children with developmental problems. U-CAPES also gives psychology graduate students opportunities to work directly with clientele in real-world scenarios. >> more


Haskayne ranks 16th in worldwide survey
The Haskayne School of Business’s MBA program has been recognized as a global leader in social and environmental stewardship, ranking 16th in the top 100 MBA programs in the world. In the last Beyond Grey Pinstripes report, the school was 25th. >> more


Hockey doctor rides shotgun on concussion
Hockey has the highest rate of concussion of any sport, but the culture of playing “through” an injury often means athletes ignore the best advice for treatment—to rest. Dr. Brian Benson, a researcher at the Sport Medicine Centre in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Kinesiology, will release six research papers on concussion to scientific journals, each done in conjunction with the National Hockey League using real case histories and real players. >> more


Finding best practices in surgery
If you’re about to undergo surgery, you want to know that you will receive the best possible care. Dr. Elijah Dixon is developing a method to define what “best” means. The assistant professor in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine is developing a template for the assessment of surgical procedures. >> more


tower of pisa

Italian language week part of global celebration
Italy, birthplace of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance and a wealth of great artists, writers and thinkers, is celebrated on campus next week during Settimana Italiana: Week of the Italian Language in the World. The week’s events, part of Italian Language Week Worldwide, feature screenings of Italian language films, public lectures on Italian culture and performances of traditional Italian songs and operas. >> more


Swanson Lecture tackles roots of Evangelicalism
The Chair of Christian Thought’s annual Swanson Lecture in Spirituality features a talk on “How Evangelicalism Departed from its Reformation Roots,” by current chairholder Douglas Shantz of the U of C, with special responses from two faculty members of Rocky Mountain College. >> more

healthy U

Step away from your desk and check out Health Fair 2007
Sitting at a desk all day long with no breaks is not just unproductive, it’s unhealthy. On Oct. 24, Healthy U of C is encouraging faculty, staff and students to “step away from your desk” and learn about the many resources available on and off campus to help you take care of your health and well-being. >> more

wolfgang tittel

Got quantum? Science Cafe explores information insecurity
The University of Calgary’s Wolfgang Tittel and Peter Marzlin will lead the next Science Cafe discussion—about the technology behind quantum computing and the information explosion, and whether or not our society is on the verge of information insecurity. >> more



Postcard from Chile
Three University of Calgary education students, Angela Hamilton, Sarah Kangles and Carla Gallardo Moore, spent 10 weeks volunteer teaching through the new English Opens Doors program in Chile. In this majestic, multifaceted country, they found sincere, welcoming people who were truly appreciative of having native speakers of English teach their children. >> more