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Student engagement



harrisonRules of engagement: Helping students succeed

By Nicole Ouellet

The term engagement arises in a number of university-related contexts. It is accepted that student engagement is crucial for student success, and research-intensive universities, especially in the U.S., are increasingly embracing the concept of the scholarship of engagement.

What, if anything, does all this mean for the U of C?

Dr. Alan Harrison, University of Calgary provost and vice-president (academic), will lead a presentation and discussion on engagement, with a particular focus on the learning environment at the U of C and how we might improve it.

Harrison will outline his views but will also leave lots of time for questions on the rules of engagement or any other issues of interest.

The discussion takes place Tuesday, May 29, from noon to 1 p.m. at the Rozsa Centre’s Great Hall. Please RSVP by May 28 to Nicole Ouellet at 220-5321 or by email to: