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Campus Fair the best yet

By Kate Davis

This year at Campus Fair, a number of faculties and departments have partnered with local community organizations to enhance relationships and increase support for individual displays.

One example is the Faculty of Communication and Culture, which is working with two companies—VISTEK and Moviedome—on an exhibit focusing on the faculty’s newest program, Film Studies, scheduled to launch later this year. At their booth, visitors will be able to analyze different film genres, learn about the history of cinema and experience the industry though film festivals. Children can watch a movie at a miniature theatre and even dress up and star in their very own production.

Partnering with VISTEK and Moviedome made perfect sense.

“As VISTEK sells and rents media technology such as video cameras, lighting and recording devices, this was perfect fit for our display booth,” says Jennifer Myers, the faculty’s senior communications manager. “Using their expertise in video and film production, we have been able to set up a mini film set and let kids create their own film experience.”

Moviedome was also a good fit for the exhibit, as it ties in with the mini movie theatre portion, she says.

“Because of our partnerships, our exhibit will be more exciting and interactive this year and we have been able to build our community relationships and partnerships, which will help with future events,” says Myers.

Campus Fair is on Saturday, June 9. For more information visit

Campus Fair by the numbers:

Balloons ordered: 495
Tables ordered: 175
Chairs ordered: 350
Faculties participating: 17
Departments participating: 35
Exhibits: more than 70
Volunteers: 600
Hotdogs/hamburgers served: 5,000
Visitors over the course of the day: more than 7,000