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BFA works Students’ art talents “merge” in Nickle exhibition

By Satoko Brideaux

Every year, for more 25 years, University of Calgary students in their final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art produce the Graduating Art Exhibition at The Nickle Arts Museum. Students prepare all year for this exhibition and the result is an amazing showcase of works—from painting and sculpture, to printmaking and photography, as well as works produced in less traditional media. This is often their first exhibition at an art gallery—a transition from being students to professionals.

“Students here have the best situation for showing their works—this is the largest university museum in Canada,” says Eric Cameron, art professor and one of the exhibition’s coordinators. “It makes a huge difference in their works as they can produce the large-scale works as large as they want.”

This year’s exhibition, called Merge, features the works of 34 emerging artists from a variety of disciplines. Each of these students takes responsibility in organizing the exhibition, from fundraising to physically setting up the exhibition and all are excited to have the opportunity to display their work in a space that is dedicated to showcasing visual arts.

The exhibition takes place until June 8 (excluding weekends and holidays) at The Nickle Arts Museum. Admission is $5 for adults, $2 for seniors and is free for post-secondary students, U of C staff and faculty, and children under 17. Admission is also free on Tuesdays. For more information call 220-7234 or visit