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max foranYa-who? Talk explores veracity of Stampede image

By Jennifer Myers

What does a midway and mini doughnuts have to do with western art, rodeo and stock horses? It’s a contradiction that has existed since the Calgary Stampede began and reflects this city’s wide-ranging and complex vision, history and culture.

In a public talk on July 9—called Know Before You Go: Calgary Stampede—Dr. Max Foran from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Communication and Culture will explore these contradictions within Calgary’s identity and brand, forged by the extreme popularity of an iconic image of a west that never was and doesn’t exist in our urban, modern city.

Foran’s talk is based on 20 years of research on the Calgary Stampede, the ranching community and the City of Calgary. He is a professor of Canadian Studies and co-teaches a U of C course on the culture of the Calgary Stampede.

The event is part of the Faculty of Communication and Culture’s Know Before You Go speaker series. The talk is free and everyone is welcome. It will take place on Monday, July 9 at 7 p.m. at the Outdoor Resource Centre at 1111 Memorial Drive N.W. (southwest corner of Memorial Drive and 10th Street N.W.).