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Q&AFormer C.D. Howe president to launch
flagship School of Policy Studies in Calgary

Professor Jack Mintz, former president and CEO of the C.D. Howe Institute and world-renowned fiscal and tax policy specialist, will create a new School of Policy Studies at the University of Calgary.

The pan-university School of Policy Studies will launch with a critical mass of more than 100 scholars from the University of Calgary currently working in the field. The School will be an international centre of expertise in policy studies, including government, defence, health, economics, and energy and the environment.

mintzIt will build on the wealth of policy studies expertise already in place at the University of Calgary, notably in political science, law, business, economics, and energy and environmental studies. The School is expected to attract federal, provincial and municipal government policy makers, both administrators and political leaders, to study with faculty, colleagues and visiting scholars from around the world. Only a handful of Canadian universities have gathered as many public policy experts under the umbrella of one institute.

Dr. Mintz will hold the Palmer Chair (James S. and Barbara A. Palmer) in Public Policy.

Building on the University’s Academic Plan, President Dr. Harvey Weingarten has made a commitment to ensure the School becomes the most expansive and influential of its kind in Canada, positioned to compete with pre-eminent programs in the U.S. and Europe.

“Dr. Mintz is a recognized leader in this field in Canada, frequently sought by government and industry to provide advice and insight. He will attract a cadre of faculty and students to an area where, in many respects, Calgary has already made a mark on the Canadian political and economic scene. Much of the country’s most innovative thinking is coming from Alberta and we will build on that momentum. This is an essential role for universities – impartial analysis of the critical issues facing the economy and society, and more importantly, a source of ideas and new paradigms. Dr. Mintz’s appointment is a coup for both the U of C and for Calgary.”

Dr. Mintz hails from Alberta, receiving his Bachelor of Arts (Economics) from the University of Alberta, followed by a Master of Arts degree at Queen’s University and his PhD in economics from the University of Essex in the UK as a Commonwealth Fellow.

“It is exciting for me to come back to my home province to initiate a major School of Policy Studies in Public Policy that will train students and develop public policy research for generations to come,” said Mintz. “I cannot think of a more important task, as public policy is critical to the political stability and growth of a country as complex as Canada. The University of Calgary is ideal since it has already created a reputation in public policy with many eminent scholars from several fields.”

"I believe we could not have found a better individual for the Chair in Public Policy than Jack Mintz,” said Dr. Palmer. “With his vast experience, both academically and as Past Chair of the C.D. Howe Institute, he has had an outstanding career in public policy and I believe is the right person to create, structure and lead a pan-university school of policy studies that will advance and elevate the state of public policy discourse and analysis on matters important to Alberta, Canada and internationally.

“He is also the individual who will provide leadership in research in this area and in the education of those who will be the leading civil and public servants and policy makers in the future. I would like to congratulate the University in obtaining a man of the calibre of Jack Mintz for the Chair."

Currently, Professor Mintz is at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and Visiting Professor, New York University Law School. He will come to the University of Calgary January 1, 2008.