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U of C chiropractor trains to be Canada’s next top triathlete

By Meghan Sired

He may be one of the top triathletes in Canada, but Scott Curry still doesn’t consider himself to be a great athlete—just a man with a passion for his sport.

curryAs a teenager, Curry, 32, imagined himself as a competitive triathlete. In the years since, he has inched his way up to the top—by practising, learning and fine tuning his skill—and finally he has made it to the pinnacle of his sport, punctuated by an appearance on the cover of the July/August issue of Impact, a Canadian sports magazine based in Calgary.

Despite Curry’s demanding Ironman training schedule, he is still able to maintain two chiropractic practices, one at the University of Calgary Health Services and the other at Balanced Health & Sports Therapy. Preparing for competition, he trains upwards to 35 hours a week and is currently working toward Ironman Canada, which takes place in Penticton on August 26, 2007. Pending a solid result there, Curry plans to participate in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in the professional division.

Curry attributes a number of key components to his success in triathlons. “Smart Ironman training is key—being in the right direction and knowing exactly where I should be placing my time and energy is important. You want to make sure the motor patterns are ingrained properly—so I must sequentially break down the motions and learn each component well,” says Curry who perfected his method of practise with help from his coach and mentor Peter Reid, a three-time Ironman triathlon world champion.

pure joyReid helped Curry learn how to apply his time towards training more effectively; mostly how to train and recover from workouts is the key. Before Reid came into the picture Curry felt like he needed more direction, as he knew he was missing important elements of the greater picture—he competed in the 2005 Ironman Canada and didn’t finish the race. Last year, he finished fifth overall in both the Ironman Canada and Ironman Florida competitions. With another year of experience behind him and a mentor to consult with, Curry knows he is ready to compete for the overall title at this year’s Ironman Canada race.

Curry took part in his first triathlon near his hometown of Waterloo, Ontario in Grade 9. As a child he was active in a number of sports but liked the idea of achieving a goal on his own. “During my first triathlon, I almost hyperventilated. It was the first time I had ever swum in a lake but I liked the challenge of overcoming my fears. I just love challenge,” says Curry.

Over the years he has benefited from chiropractic work and believes that type of care has made him a better athlete. As an active person who has benefited from chiropractic, choosing to study to be a chiropractor made sense to him.

“When I started seeing a chiropractor in university, I became a more proficient triathlete and a better athlete overall,” says Curry. He encourages students, faculty, and community members to consider consulting with a chiropractor from U of C’s health and wellness centre if they have new or old injuries or any complaints of neuro-musculoskeletal origin.

He acknowledges that some people are apprehensive about seeing a chiropractor but, he insists, it’s not all about manipulating a person’s back—it’s about finding the cause of imbalances, pain or poor motor patterns, and attempting to restore proper function so that the body can heal effectively and move more efficiently. As a chiropractor, he will often use acupuncture, active release techniques, and graston techniques as adjunctive therapies for the treatments.

“The patient is seeing someone who has the educational background to diagnose and access muscular, joint and nerve related sources of pain or dysfunction. So finding the sources and causes of pain is our goal while giving the patient a plan that may or may not include a spinal correction,” attests Curry.

Curry works from 1-4 p.m. on Friday afternoons. Visit the Health and Wellness website for more information at To learn more about Curry’s athletic career visit his personal website at