University of Calgary

Kinesiology facelift

Kinesiology “pool hall” gets a facelift

By Don McSwiney

A $20,000 grant from the Students' Union’s Quality Money fund for campus improvement is breathing new life into a favourite kinesiology study space.

The money—which was matched by the Faculty of Kinesiology—is being used to construct new study carrels, replace chairs, overhaul lighting, re-paint and supply power to a much-used study space located in a gallery overlooking the pool.

The project was spear-headed by two fourth-year kinesiology students—Wilma Shim, an academic commissioner with the Students’ Union and Marina Cortese, the kinesiology students’ faculty representative. Shim says she used the space extensively during her undergraduate career despite the fact that it needed some serious attention.

“If you want to be away from the crowds, it’s a good place to go,” says Shim. “What I really noticed is that the chairs were getting old and desks were falling apart; the lighting was not very good—it’s a pretty gloomy place to study and not very refreshing. When I heard about the Students’ Union Quality Money funding pool for campus improvement, I thought our study spot would be a natural fit.”

Students’ Union President Emily Wyatt says the SU was very happy to offer support. “It is the Students' Union’s commitment to ensure students at the University of Calgary have access to the very best academic and social resources. This latest Quality Money funding provides students with a quiet area to study that is also comfortable and appealing.”

Dr. Wayne Giles, dean of kinesiology, supported the project as a much-needed space for students to study and work together in small groups. “The other reason I supported this, is that we want students to show initiative—to be confident that if they come up with a reasonable suggestion, we will help them,” he says. “This initiative came entirely from our students. They had the idea and found funding for a quarter of the project, so I was more than willing to help them overhaul the space.”

While not as aesthetically ambitious as the Take Your Place projects—student space makeovers designed by Faculty of Environmental Design students—the kinesiology pool hall is exactly what the students wanted. “There’s a lot more space to study,” says Shim. “The broken desks have been replaced, there’s power, wireless Internet and it’s quiet. What else could you ask for?”