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This Dance of the Mind

Department of Philosophy associate professor Brian Grant’s book, This Dance of the Mind, was at the galley-proof stage when he died last year on Oct. 29.

Work to publish the book continued, however, and it was released this year by publishers Olms Verlag. Grant’s book discusses the ideas of free will, the sciences of psychology and psychiatry, and other issues related to the philosophical inquiry about the mind.

The text is designed to be accessible enough for introductory undergraduate courses, yet sophisticated and rich enough for upper level courses. It will be available at the University of Calgary Bookstore.

Grant taught at the university for 39 years and researched epistemology (the theory of knowledge) and the history of philosophy since Descartes. In his memory, the philosophy department created the Brian Grant Philosophy Undergraduate Award, valued at $1,000.

For more information on Grant’s book and award visit the department’s website at
— Meghan Sired