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Positive parenting

By Tara Tiangha

While many graduates convert their university education directly into employment opportunities, others, like Judy Arnall, BA’88, find that it is their life choices that propel them down a particular career path.

In Arnall’s case, parenting was a personal choice that pleasantly translated into a vocation.

A mother of five, Arnall began her career as a professional parenting educator more than a decade ago after joining Parents and Children Together as a session facilitator. She now works for the Calgary Health Region as an instructor in early childhood education and is the founder of Attachment Parenting Canada.

Arnall has also written Discipline Without Distress: 135 tools for raising caring, responsible children without time-out, spanking, punishment or bribery, a handbook available in most Calgary bookstores.
“My approach is to seek peaceful, non-punitive resolutions to most parenting issues for all ages of children,” Arnall says of the book. “Parenting is relationship-building. You are not raising a child; you are raising an adult.”

In the classroom and in her articles, Arnall strives to help parents learn positive discipline and conflict resolution skills—pragmatic ones, rather than being punishment-orientated.

“Parents need support, not judgment,” she says.

In February, Arnall will facilitate a parent effectiveness training course offered through U of C’s Continuing Education.

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