Dec. 19, 2018

Shoulder to Shoulder conference strengthens Canada-U.K. relations

The School of Public Policy, in partnership with the Faculty of Law, hosts inaugural event in London


The School of Public Policy Staff

Canada and the United Kingdom share long and profound cultural, military, legal, political and regulatory histories.

On Nov. 29, The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, in partnership with the Faculty of Law, hosted an inaugural international conference in London, U.K.

The conference explored the strong relationship between both countries and discussed practical policy routes to continue strengthening the Canada-U.K. relationship. Co-hosted with the support of Goodenough College and the British Consulate-General in Calgary, the event featured expert panels, and encouraged focused, frank and real-world debate on what is possible, and how.

Topics included:

  • The Future of Trade and Investment
  • The Future of Financial Markets
  • The Future of Security Co-operation

Her Excellency Janice Charette, Canada’s High Commissioner to the U.K, commented, “U.K. is one of our most like-minded partners and an important ally for Canada. The role of academic institutions is that this is a time that we need great minds engaging in discussions, and the time when politicians and policy-makers make policy alone is long past. It’s important for academic institutions to be involved, and organizations especially like The School of Public Policy that has a commitment to this kind of international debate and discussions, are important.”

"The School has already a significant international presence, with partners in many countries. Our partnership with Goodenough College is an opportunity to make our unique expertise known to a new range of collaborators interested in practical policy solutions," said Dr. PG Forest, PhD, professor and director, James S. and Barbara A. Palmer Chair in Public Policy.

As a result, a summary report from the event will outline key messages and provide prescriptive policy solutions for advancing Canada-UK co-operation. The report will also help inform ongoing and future policy discussions with policy-makers and leaders.

“Canada and the United Kingdom are historically — and constitutionally! — joined at the hip,” said Dr. Ian Holloway, dean of the UCalgary Faculty of Law. “We’ve got so much in common that it only makes sense for us to talk about how we can work together to negotiate the economic and security challenges that we both face.”

The Shoulder to Shoulder U.K. event sets the stage for future policy collaboration by establishing new connections between the research and practitioners in each country.