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University of Calgary announces transformative initiatives to reach Eyes High goal

Oct. 2, 2012

Today during the University of Calgary’s Community Report, President Elizabeth Cannon celebrated the university’s achievements over the past year and launched three new, transformative initiatives. Over the next 12 months, the university will hire 50 new assistant professors, 60 new post-doctoral scholars and create a new Institute for Teaching and Learning.

“The new initiatives announced today will actively support our campus community and new ideas across the university,” says Cannon. “Through our Eyes High strategic direction, we have worked hard this past year to lay the foundation to become one of Canada’s top five research universities, grounded in innovative learning and teaching, and fully integrated with the community of Calgary and beyond. Our new Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan provide the roadmap for achieving this vision.”

The University of Calgary is renewing the academy by hiring 50 new assistant professors over the next year, which represents a 16 per cent increase in assistant-professorial staff. The university is investing resources in chronically underfunded areas as well as in new, interdisciplinary frontiers that support the strategic research and academic themes of the university.

The University of Calgary is launching a new postdoctoral scholars program that will bring in 60 new postdoctoral scholars, increasing the current number by 15 per cent. These high-calibre researchers will be instrumental in increasing the university’s research capacity. Through their dedicated research time and contributions to teaching and mentorship of students, these scholars will enhance our academic environments and stimulate faculty to pursue new research opportunities. Eighty per cent of the initial positions hired this year will be focused on the university’s strategic research themes.

The new Institute for Teaching and Learning will be established to energize educators and inspire student learning and will be housed in the former Nickle Arts Museum building, an iconic space on campus which will be totally renovated.

“Through this new institute, we will lead in teaching and learning research, curriculum development and instructional mentoring. Then we will link our research directly to the classroom to support the ongoing professional development of our educators,” says Cannon. The institute will also integrate undergraduates in research initiatives and immerse them in experiential learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom.

“The University of Calgary is Canada’s leading next-generation university – a living, growing and youthful institution that embraces change and opportunity with a can-do attitude,” says Cannon. “The initiatives announced today will support teaching, learning and research. They will help our students become discoverers, creators and innovators and they will foster research that generates new knowledge that benefits our communities and society.”

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