June 20, 2019

Keep your bike secure on campus — it's easier than you think

Learn how to avoid bike theft in this short Campus Security video
bikes on a bike rack
Learn how to avoid bike theft
In 2018, 70 bikes were reported as stolen from campus.

In 2018, 70 bikes were reported as stolen from campus.

University of Calgary

It’s springtime at UCalgary, which means more students, faculty and staff are taking advantage of the freedom and fitness that comes with biking around campus. Whether you’re riding for fun, for environmental reasons, or just to save money on gas, it’s important to keep your favourite two-wheeled vehicle safe and secure.

“As a rule, bike theft is usually a crime of opportunity,” says Brian Sembo, chief of campus security.

“Bike thieves know how to spot an easy target at a glance, and they know better than to waste time on bikes that take too long, or cause too much trouble to take,” he says.

The best way to prevent bike theft is simply knowing how to lock your bike properly, and campus security has created a video tutorial that anyone on campus can follow to keep their bike safe and sound — no matter the season.

How to keep your bike secure on campus

If you need a stronger bike lock, they are available for purchase through the Outdoor Centre — just $30 for a U-lock and a cable lock.

Reporting thefts

Bicycle theft can be reported to Campus Security online, by phone or in person. You can also report suspicious behaviour, and even upload photos, using the HelpLine/TipLine module in the app, UC Emergency Mobile.

Thefts can also be reported to calgary.ca/CPS