Sept. 28, 2017

Haskayne announces 2017-18 Jarislowsky Co-Fellows

Debbie Stein and John Brussa team up to connect students with professionals

Over the last decade, the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management has gained increased popularity at the Haskayne School of Business. Graduate students look forward to industry insights from business leaders and influencers that cannot always be gained through traditional classroom learning.

Returning this year as Jarislowsky Fellow is Debbie Stein, retired senior vice-president of finance and chief financial officer at AltaGas Ltd. Joining her as Co-Fellow is John Brussa, partner and chairman of Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLP and co-head of their tax practice. Both have had tremendous careers and their involvement in different industries will offer students opportunities to learn from their diverse experiences.

“I look forward to providing students with guidance and advice that hopefully will help them along their career,” says Stein. Both fellows are excited to share their knowledge and perspective on this year’s topic, corporate responsibility. “I like to tell people I don’t have my MBA but I did a 30-year practicum,” says Brussa. “Being exposed to a lot of different management teams and the ups and downs of the business cycle, I am excited to share my experiences.”

The Jarislowsky Fellowship was designed to enhance the student experience at Haskayne. “The accomplished business leaders involved with the Jarislowsky Fellowship are excited to help students progress in their careers. They are people who have been there, done that, and have a lot to give,” says Stein. The Jarislowsky Fellowship allows students to merge their academic knowledge with a variety of different industry insights which help them create a broader perspective. “The more experiences you can have, the more views and knowledge you can be exposed to, the better off you are,” explains Brussa.

Topic of discussion: Corporate Responsibility

Stein and Brussa are firm believers of doing right by society. This year the program will focus on the theme of corporate responsibility.

“There is a huge macroeconomic change happening, it can be seen between the relationship of business and society” says Brussa. They both are firm believers of corporations needing to evolve and they feel that pure-bottom line thinking is going to be less and less acceptable to society going forward. Corporations and individuals who can think outside the box are the ones who will succeed. “It’s about creating the right balance of social value, which can be economic, cultural, or financial. It’s having a holistic view of the role of your company within the larger environment” says Stein.

About the program

The Jarislowsky Fellowship hosts a yearly Dinner and Discussion series where students have the opportunity to network with industry leaders. The event is followed by a panel and table discussion, where students engage with business leaders at their table. Students will meet with individuals who have years of practical experience in a variety of industries ranging from arts and culture, agriculture, oil and gas, not-for-profit, and health care.

Another highlight is the Executive on Campus Program, where students book one-on-one sessions with a fellow. This is where students have personal conversations about their career and personal development. With only 20 minutes allotted for these sessions, students must be prepared with their questions prior to the meeting.

What is the Jarislowsky Fellowship:

Established by the Jarislowsky Foundation in 2006, the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management is intended to increase the depth and breadth of the learning experience at the Haskayne School of Business by providing students with access to professionals with real and relevant senior-level business experience. It is founded in philanthropist Stephen Jarislowsky’s belief that providing students with access to professionals will help them understand that success in business requires developing a more holistic perspective through community involvement and an appreciation of the arts, international culture, religion, politics and diversity.