Oct. 26, 2020

Givin’ Thanks goes digital for 2020 United Way campaign

Lift up your colleagues with a message of thanks that also supports your neighbours in need
Lift up your colleagues with a message of thanks that also supports your neighbours in need.

For the first time since the Givin’ Thanks initiative launched in 2017, the iconic star cards are available online to be purchased, customized, sent and received from any location.

As part of this year’s 20 for 2020 campaign initiative, which challenges faculty and staff to contribute $20 or increase their donations by $20, you can send unlimited Givin’ Thanks stars to your co-workers for just $20. All proceeds go directly to United Way Calgary and Area, where they will be used to make a positive difference in our local community.

Dr. Cindy Graham, vice-dean of the Faculty of Science and co-chair of UCalgary’s 2020 campaign, says the Givin’ Thanks initiative is a meaningful way to recognize our colleagues for their hard work, creative ideas and positive energy, all while supporting an important cause.

“With so many UCalgary faculty and staff members working from home, an additional way to connect with each other is even more important and meaningful,” says Dr. Graham. “By offering an unlimited number of cards for a set cost, we hope more people than ever will send and receive these messages of thanks and appreciation.”

Start Givin’ Thanks today

Givin’ Thanks has never been easier. Just log in to the Givin’ Thanks page on UCalgary’s United Way donation portal using your university email address. From there, select a $20 donation and, at 9 a.m. the following morning, you’ll get your link to send Givin’ Thanks messages by email.

Save that link — you can use it as often as you like to send Givin’ Thanks stars throughout the entire United Way campaign, ending Dec. 11. 

Show your local love

Having a common purpose brings us together, makes us stronger and creates community. That might look like helping local families put food on the table, connecting Calgarians with crucial mental health services, or giving people a sense of belonging and inclusion. When we stand united to help others, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and create ripples of positive impact. Give today to United Way.

If you have questions or require assistance with donating, contact DJ Kelly, manager, community engagement at 403-220-3152 or dj.kelly@ucalgary.ca