Give yourself an A+ for leading an active lifestyle

Active Living is a daily class that we're all enrolled in, and where the performance is self-evaluated. What grade would you give yourself?
A student ascends the climbing wall at the UCalgary Outdoor Centre.

Exercise isn’t only about big muscles or training for competitions, you know. Mobility and ability may differ from person to person, but exercise serves a universal function for all people  It’s the celebration of what your body can do and a healthy habit that helps to optimize mental, physical and emotional performance in other parts of your life.

Given that so many of today's jobs, leisure activities, and academic pursuits require us to be stationary and seated, it's important that we actively look for ways to move our bodies that are habit forming, repeatable and most of all, fun!

So, what does an A+ grade in active living class look like to you? What can you do today to work toward that goal? The answer to that question begins with imagining yourself at your best, then taking the steps to try new activities that might get you there.

First, why not look at some of the free options that are available? As a student at the University of Calgary, your student fees cover regular access to the following facilities during the school year. Not bad, eh?

Not sure where to begin? Feeling apprehensive?

Most of us aren’t born athletes and that’s ok. When trying a new activity, you’re supposed to feel confused, vulnerable, and inexperienced.

Staying fit and healthy is not about winning, but choosing activities that interest and challenge you. Most of all, it’s about finding activities that make you feel good and keep you coming back for more.

If the free options listed above aren't quite what you're after right now, why not look at some of the more focused classes and programs?

  • Intramural Sports are league activities like Spikeball, soccer, volleyball and many more that students can register for as an individual or as a team. Like you, people who register for these low-commitment, limited time commitments are often looking to socialize, have fun and meet other people. Please note that these programs often come with small fees that are paid upfront.
  • Recreational Sports are activities like kendo, fencing, jiu-jitsu, triathalon swimming and more where professionals in the community help you to train and hone your skills. These classes often meet one or a few times a week and sometimes offer competitions throughout the year.

For UCalgary students interesting in using the facilities during spring and summer semesters, a May through August pass can be purchased from Active Living Client Services (KNA 104).