Oct. 22, 2019

Does 1.5°C matter? Find out today at UCalgary’s Sustainability Strategy progress update

Keynote speaker Kristie Ebi shares thoughts on the impact of global temperature increase
Student at sustainability report progress update
The Sustainability Strategy progress update shares achievements toward our sustainability vision. Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

The progress update on UCalgary’s Sustainability Strategy kicks off today at 11:30 a.m. in the MacEwan Ballroom. Keynote speaker, and internationally recognized climate leader, Dr. Kristie Ebi will share her thoughts on the impact of a 1.5 C temperature increase through multiple lenses, such as public health, food security and social justice to inspire more conversation and ways to take action. There will also be the TD Bank Group Sustainability Awards presentation, highlighting some of our students who are making a difference.

Love sustainability and want to know what’s in the 2019 Report at a Glance? Here are a few facts that showcase a sample of the work being done in all corners of campus:

  • We have more than 400 courses that relate to sustainability, offered in all UCalgary faculties, enabling students to become leaders through experiential learning.
  • UCalgary saw more than 16,000 people attend 190-plus sustainability-related events on campus last year, helping to make sustainability part of everyday campus life.
  • Last year, we diverted more than 90 per cent of construction waste from the landfill that’s about equivalent to the weight of 198 humpback whales (which recently made a comeback from extinction!).

Sustainability is part of everything we do at UCalgary, from education and research, engaging our community, to our daily operational and administrative practices. It’s not an end result, but a journey of continuous improvement throughout our university. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear first-hand about the progress made over the past year toward our pursuit of excellence and leadership in sustainability, and learn how simple, everyday habits add up to collective impact.

Find more information on our sustainability progress and read the 2019 report at a glance.