Oct. 4, 2019

Co-founder of tentree, 'the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet,' speaks on campus Oct. 9

Learn from David Luba how eco-consciousness and business savvy are a recipe for success
none Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

To many companies around the world, being both sustainable and profitable hasn't always gone hand in hand. But at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship: People, Planet, and Profit event hosted by the UCalgary Bookstore on Oct. 9, event-goers will learn all about one company that turned a sustainable mission into a profitable business.

The bookstore is excited to welcome tentree co-founder David Luba, who will guide University of Calgary students, staff and faculty through tentree's journey from concept, through the Dragon's Den, aiming to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet.

“David Luba will be talking about his company’s journey, which will resonate to people on campus — especially considering UCalgary has a leading business school with lots of young entrepreneurs who want to make a profitable company that does good in the world,” says Adam Maurer, manager of clothing and general merchandise at the UCalgary Bookstore.

All students, staff and faculty are welcome to attend for giveaways, light refreshments and snacks, the many tentree products available for purchase and — most importantly — the invaluable insight on how to grow a brand with a mission, and succeed without sacrificing your commitment to people and the planet we live on.

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A sustainable bookstore

Maurer says the bookstore recently began stocking various tentree products because of its own dedication to sustainability and sustainable merchansise.

“Having products like tentree in our stock, and holding events like this one are just a few examples of the many different sustainable initiatives we're conducting at the bookstore,” he says, adding that many products in stock are made with fair-trade materials, fair labour, and fair sourcing practices.

Currently, Maurer estimates that approximately 85 per cent of the bookstore’s products falls within these categories, which makes it easier for shoppers to make informed, ethical buying decisions on campus.

“By providing products like tentree, we are helping people think twice about purchasing sustainable products over products that may not be ethically sourced or made with fair labour practices,” he says.

“It’s very important to us and to this generation of eco-conscious students that we protect this planet and support the companies who want to do the same.”

See a comprehensive list of bookstore products on their website.