Mobilizing Knowledge on Newcomers Symposium 2021

October 15, 2021

The Mobilizing Knowledge on Newcomers Symposium brought together over 225 registrants from a range of sectors to share insights on challenges, best practices and plans for future collaborations. Presentations, which fell into four main categories - social and health care, education, resettlement and integration, and grassroots community engagement - were incredibly insightful and thought provoking. The day's final event, a roundtable discussion, set the stage for establishing a research agenda for future knowledge engagement activities and research partnerships.

Poster Presentations from the Symposium

Education and Resettlement and Integration:

  1. Alternative career opportunities available for internationally trained physicians living in Canada: an overview of the job profiles –  Sikdar, Chowdhury, Lake and Chowdhury
  2. Chinese student newcomers’ transition to a Canadian postsecondary EAP program: pre-and post-departure comparison – Lin
  3. Mapping the Research Landscape of Older Newcomer Housing Insecurity and Homelessness in Canada – Kaushik, Hoselton and Walsh
  4. Migrant-migrant philanthropy and the development nexus in countries of resettlement – Warria and Chikadzi
  5. Multicultural and Social Justice Counselling Competencies in Psychology Training: A Study on How to Transfer Knowledge into Practice with Newcomer Communities – Kenny, Martin, Jafari, Kassan and Arthur 
  6. One-and-a-half Generation Filipinx Youth in Metro Vancouver: Narratives of Negotiating Ethno-Cultural Identities – Maria Socorro Mangila-Nguyen and Christine Walsh 
  7. Resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: Vulnerabilities and capacities of international students – Khalid, Naidu and Chowdhury
  8. Scaling the Great Wall of Canada: Technological solutions for more accessible and equitable language proficiency testing – Tweedie, Kiani and Tabassum
  9. University of Calgary Anti-Racist Engagement: How Students Recognize Racism and Engage in Anti-Racist Practices  – Salem, Haque, Hussein and Chowdhury
  10. Welcoming Newcomers with Open Arms: CBE Welcome Centre Partnerships – Rachid, Schmidt and Pearse

Grassroots Community Engagement and Social and Health Care:

  1. Asking Youth: Understanding the Sociocultural Factors that Impact Immigrant Youth Mental Health – Adel, Adeboye, Paltzat, Senjar, Davarani, Hassan, Lu, Lee, Singh, Erman and Chowdhury
  2. Correlates of outdoor time in children from families speaking non-official languages at home: a multi-site Canadian study –  Nayakarathna, Patel, Currie,  Faulkner, Riazi, Tremblay,  Trudeau and Larouche
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Information Seeking Behaviour in Elderly Punjabi Immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area – Thandi, Chowdhury and Chowdhury
  4. Factors associated with sharing health information in ethnocultural communities: A rapid review – Naeem
  5. Identifying mental wellbeing needs for non-health essential workers during recent epidemics and pandemics: An integrative review – Chowdhury, Kainth, Godlu, Farinas, Sikdar, Lake and Chowdhury 
  6. Implementing Student Feedback and Youth Engagement in the RISE Summer Curriculum: A Comparative Analysis – Kalifa, Eboigbodin, Sekandary, Shroff, Luu, Erman and Chowdhury
  7. Moving towards online youth engagement through innovative approaches during the Covid-19 pandemic – Lee, Erman and Chowdhury
  8. Promoting cancer screening literacy through faith-based organizations: Perspectives of Muslim Imams – Khalid, Haque, Alvi, Ferdous, Genereux, Chowdhury and Chowdhury
  9. Use of Social Media and Community Outreach for Immigrant Youth Recruitment during Covid-19 – Ardebili, Ereyi-Osas, Razavi, Erman and Chowdhury
  10. When Cultures Clash: A Critical Review of Dilemmas, Policies, and Practices Surrounding Hymenoplasty in Diasporic Destinations and An Urgent Call for A Patient-centred And Culturally Sensitive Solution – Zare and Cresswell 

Working Papers/Proposals

  1. Community Scholar & Citizen Researcher involvement for knowledge co-creation knowledge – Chowdhury
  2. Developing a program of research at the grassroots community level through meaningful community engagement – Chowdhury
  3. Empowering immigrant community through ownership, control, possession and utilization of data: Community Based Health Data Cooperative – Tahir, Chowdhury and Chowdhury.
  4. Individual-, community-, and organizational health literacy: the need of centralized, integrated, and multifaceted health & wellness literacy efforts for racialized/immigrant communities – Chowdhury, Chowdhury and Petermann. 
  5. Racism in Canadian Media as a Social Determinant of Refugee Psychosocial Wellness – Naidu, Paolucci and Chowdhury 
  6. The Role of Ethnic Media in Promoting Health Literacy among Canadian Minorities – Tayyab, Chowdhury and Chowdhury. 
  7. Vulnerabilities and Capacities of Filipino Workers Quarantining During Workplace COVID-19 Outbreaks in Cargill, Alberta – Patria, Fernandez and Chowdhury