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AIM-HI Network Summer Seminar Series

"The Methodology of Indigenous Digital Storytelling: A Healing Journey in Data Collection" with Shelley Wiart

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Digital Storytelling Resources

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"When Balance is at Risk: The Role of Criticality in Support of Spiritual Health" with Dr. Adam Murry

"An Introduction to Neuroscience and BRAIN CREATE" with Drs. Richard Wilson and Marc Poulin

"Coming to Know: Defining opportunities for critical empowerment and reconciliation through Indigenous Science" with Dr. Lindsay Crowshoe

"Indigenous Methodologies and Alberta Health Services" with Kienan Williams

"Giving Great Presentations: Posters & Oral Academic Presentations" with Dr. Cheryl Barnabe

Online and Self-Directed Learning with Dr. Janelle Baker

Community Engagement Methods in Research with Dr. Cheryl Barnabe

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