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Canadian Maps and Atlases

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GeoGratis GeoGratis is a web and file transfer protocol (ftp) site that distributes geospatial data of Canada. Data is available for download, without charge. Similarly, several types of full resolution satellite imagery are on-line
Toporama Representation of the National Topographic Data Base as images : total coverage of Canada at 1:250,000; partial coverage of Canada at 1:50,000
The National Atlas of Canada
Interactive atlas of Canada including maps, facts and teaching resources
Canadian Geographic Map Maker Interactive maps, archive, historical timeline 
MIRAGE Map Imaging Rendering Database for Geoscience - Digital image library of the Geological Survey of Canada maps from 1850s to present 
Surficial Materials of Canada
Downloadable map that shows the distribution of surficial materials in Canada, on land and in extensive offshore areas, at 1:5 000 000 scale
Canada Land Inventory Maps
Maps showing land capability for agriculture, recreation, wildlife (ungulates and waterfowl) and forestry
Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
This site contains maps, data and/or GIS files for Canadian soil landscapes, soil surveys and ecological framework
Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) Maps, GIS data and reports regarding climate, agriculture, watersheds and landcover for the Canadian prarie region  
Global Forest Watch Canadian Maps Maps and reports regarding Canadian forests. Data Warehouse also provides free GIS downloads 
Terrestrial Ecozones of Canada
Zoomable maps and detailed descriptions of the ecoregions of Canada
Canadian Rocky Mountains Ecoregional Conservation Assessment Report and maps published by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, British Columbia Office in conjunction with several partners  
The Great Lakes Great Lakes Drainage Basin and Area Maps
Canada Post Householder Counts and Maps Maps and tables, in .pdf, showing FSA (Forward Sortation Area) boundaries, 3-digit postal code and householder counts for urban and rural districts 
Canadian communities mapping by Industry Canada
Maps searchable by postal codes, federal ridings and CAP facilities
Canadian County Atlas Digital Project The County Atlas Digital Project is a searchable database of the property owners names which appear on the township maps in the historical county atlases (years vary between 1874 to 1881). 
Indian Reserves - Western Canada
Includes database which provides item-level descriptions on approximately 1,500 maps, with approximately 1,200 digitized items, now in the public domain.
Western Land Grants (1870-1930) Searchable database of records which refer to grants issued in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the railway belt of British Columbia for Letters Patent. Provides microform reference, however copies must be ordered from National Archives. 
Exploration of Canada: Mapmakers Essays and maps covering the 16th-18th century explorations of Canada  

Canadian Topographic Maps Index for Alberta
Alberta grid index for Canadian 1:50,000 NTS map sheets for sale via Map Town (Calgary) 
Agroclimatic Atlas of Alberta
The Atlas describes the climate elements relevant to agriculture in Alberta and presents 29 sets of maps of agroclimatic characteristics
Alberta maps from Service Alberta
Electoral boundaries, parks & protected areas and SPIN2 (Spatial Information System) for land related information
Alberta Geological Survey interactive geological maps
Geology, Hydrogeology and RADARSAT-1 maps are designed for Internet Explorer 5 and higher
2001 Census of Agriculture for Alberta
Census tables and maps in PDF format. Contact MADGIC staff for data and maps in digital form
Alberta River Basins Maps of the seven major river basins or major river systems
Flood Risk Maps Information System Selected Alberta Environment maps showing flood risk zones 
Alberta Lakes - Depth Charts Selected Free Maps from Angler's Atlas, also includes some B.C. and Ontario lakes  
Alberta's Natural Regions Map and reports from Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre (ANHIC) 

BC MapPlace Interactive mapping of British Columbia, including topographic and land use layers
BCGS Geology Interactive Mapping Interactive map of the geology of British Columbia, including topographic, climate stations, mineral inventory and landuse planning
BC Geological Publications Index Interactive map of British Columbia Geology by publication series, including various adminitrative, grid and physical feature layers
BC Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification Field Maps Detailed .pdf maps available for download, arranged by BC Forest Districts
BC Archives Cartographic records Searchable index, finding aids and digital historic maps of British Columbia 
Ontario Boundaries, Names and Regional Governments Ontario Archives guide to changing boundaries from 1774 to recent municipal restructuring 
Historic maps of Quebec La Bibliothèque nationale du Québec presents a digital collection "Cartes géographiques" which contains about one thousand cartographic images relative to the area of the Province of Quebec 

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