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Airphoto Collection

The University Map Library provides access to about 1 million print aerial photographs.

Alberta Map
NTS Number
Digital Airphotos of Alberta
If your site is in Alberta, click on the link to the map of Alberta. That will allow you to focus in on the area of interest, find the NTS map sheet number(s), and determine the relevant sets of airphotos. If you know the 1:50,000 map sheet number of your site click above. If you only know the Legal Land Description or the Latitude/Longitude of your site, you can relate the information to NTS Number by using our Canadian Topographic System Maps in-house. This permits you to combine the map sheet number with information such as scale or extent of coverage. It is not the most reliable way to search. You could search the notes for a place name, but the results are likely to be incomplete. "Our Future, Our Past" contains digital airphotos of Alberta from 1924-1950. NOTE: Print indexes located in the University of Calgary Library's Air Photo room must be used to determine flight lines and photo numbers.

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