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Timothy Travers interview collection.
[ca. 1978].
24 sound recordings. - 1 folder of textual records.

Canadian historian, author and scholar.
Collection consists of sound recordings of interviews of World War I veterans by T. Travers. Includes list of veterans interviewed and interview synopses: A.L. Allen (South Midland Field Ambulance, Royal Medical Army Corps), E.O. or E.D. Anderson (49th Battalion), G. Allen Bagley (50th Battalion, 10th Brigade Machine Gun Transport), Clifford Call (137th and 50th Canadian Infantry Battalion), W.H. Carr (2nd CMR), Gordon Church (Winnipeg Grenadiers), J. Claughton (Saskatchewan Light Horse, 5th Battalion, Western Cavalry), Edmond John "Bud" Cotton (13th CMR and RCR), Albert Dye (137th and 50th Battalions), Howard Exton (31st Battalion - Alberta), James C. French (Canadian Machine Gun Corps), W.H. Harris (13th Battalion, Royal Highlanders), F. Johnson (6th CMR), Harry Miller (50th Canadian Infantry Battalion), G. Payne (5th Battalion), P. Rogers (2nd CMR), Clayton Ross (Canadian Scottish), T. Sharp (5th Battalion, 1st Division), Frank Thomson (Lewis Gun Crew), John Timms (2nd CMR Rifle Brigade, 3rd Division), [?] Waterman (Pioneer Battalion), Harold White (King Edward's Horse) and William Wray (Signaller in Fort Garry Horse).
Donated by T. Travers in 1980.
Text in English.
For listening and research only. No publication without the permission of those individuals interviewed.
Item level inventory available at repository.
MsC 159. Housed at the Military Museums Library and Archives.

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