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Alice Munro fonds.
[19--], 1950 - 2006.
7.525 m of textual records. - 1 videocassette. - 2 audiocassettes.

Canadian author born Alice Laidlaw on July 10, 1931 in Wingham, Ontario. Biographical information available in The Oxford companion to Canadian literature, 2nd ed., p. 777-778.
Fonds consists of correspondence; notebooks; manuscripts of short stories, novels, television play, essays and articles; works on A. Munro; published works; and miscellaneous material.
Previously known as Alice Munro papers.
Acquired between 1980 and 2007. MsC 262, audio cassette of November 1978 interview of Alice Munro by Carole Gerson, donated by Carole Gerson in 1998. Accession 709/01.15 consists of published material by and about A. Munro collected by David Cook and donated by John Munro in 2001. Accession 805/06.4, page proofs and setting copy of Runaway; MsC 323, copy-edited text and two sets of author's galleys of The view from Castle Rock; and MsC 324, a 33 page fragment titled Child's play, donated by William Morris Agency in 2006 and 2007.
Text in English.
Some items restricted.
Published inventories (for MsC 37) The Alice Munro papers : first accession. - (Canadian archival inventory series, no. 7). Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 1986; biocritical essay by Thomas E. Tausky; and (for MsC 38) The Alice Munro papers : second accession (Canadian archival inventory series, no. 12). - Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 1987.
File level inventory for Accessions 396/87.3, 709/01.15, 753/04.3 and MsC 323 available at repository.
Associated archival material relating to A. Munro located at University of Waterloo Library, Waterloo Ontario.
Further accruals expected.
MsC 37, 38, 262, 323, 324
Acc 396/87.3, 709/01.15, 753/04.3, 805/06.4

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