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Special Collections

Literary and Art Archives (Canadian)

Brian Moore fonds
Photograph of original file folder
with list of rejected titles for work published as

Special Collections has extensive literary archival holdings which contain correspondence, original manuscripts, drafts, research notes, photographs, sound recordings and memorabilia of Canadian writers as well as a growing collection of Canadian visual artists. Many fonds and collections listed below have finding aids; some have detailed published inventories. For those fonds (e.g. Clark Blaise) it is possible to Search Database for materials. Each database is separate and researchers are encouraged to search all databases in which there may be related material. e.g. John Metcalf material is located in the Clark Blaise fonds as well as in the John Metcalf fonds and vice versa.

71 poems by 17 Canadian poets

Grace Le Roy Aitkens

Stephen Andrews

Margaret Atwood

Helen Ball

Maxwell Bates

Constance Beresford-Howe

Search Database

Isaac Bickerstaff

Earle Birney

Search Database

Clark Blaise

Search Database

Gilbert E. Bradbury

Max Braithwaite

David Bromige

Alan Brown

Murdoch Burnett

Helen Buss

Edward P. Butler

John Campbell

Canadian Authors Association. Calgary Branch

Canadian Book Information Centre

Canadian Review (Ottawa, Ont.)

Canadian Short Story Magazine


Michael Carmichael

Alixe Carter

William R. Castell

Wayson Choy

Michael Cook

Search Database

E.J. (Bud) Cotton

Leonard Cox

Willis W. Cunningham

Hallvard Dahlie

Annie Charlotte (Armitage) Dalton

Blodwen Davies

Evelyn de Mille

De mortuis nil nisi bonum

James DeFelice


Stan Dragland

Kenneth Dyba

ECW Press

Cliff Faulknor

Cecelia Frey

George C. Gahan

Louise Gareau-Des Bois

Helen Geddes

George Ryga & Associates

Search Database (George Ryga)

John Murray Gibbon

Joanna M. Glass

Search Database

Leona Gom

Katherine Govier

Paul Grescoe

John Murdoch Harper

Christie Harris

Search Database

William Hawkins

Marion Kathleen Henry

Agnes Aston Hill

Robert Hilles

Hugh Hood

Harold Horwood

Jan Hudson

Monica Hughes

Bruce Hutchison


Donald Jack

Marie Jakober

Patricia Joudry

Illingworth Kerr

Lois Kerr

Thomas W. Kirkham

Robert Kroetsch

Search Database

Zoë Landale

Andre Langevin

Sir J.M. Le Moine

William Leach

John Stainforth Linnell

Arthur John Lockhart

Wilson MacDonald

Isabel Ecclestone Mackay

Hugh MacLennan

Search Database

Miriam Mandel

Search Database

R.D. Manning

John Marlyn

Shirlee Smith Matheson

Sister Maura

John Verner McAree

Ian M. McCauley

Nellie L. McClung

Kenneth McGoogan

W. K. McNaught

George Melnyk

John Metcalf

Search Database

Metropolitan Toronto Library Board

W. O. Mitchell

Search Database

Marion E. Moodie

Brian Moore

Search Database

Bharati Mukherjee

Search Database (Clark Blaise)

Karen Mulhallen

Alice Munro

Search Database

John Murrell

National Film Board of Canada

William Victor Newson

Alden Nowlan

Search Database

Wayne Padgett

Claude Péloquin

Leonard Peterson

Arthur C. Pickthall

Marjorie L.C. Pickthall

Lorne Albert Pierce

Sharon Pollock

Search Database

Linda Marilyn Potts

E.J. Pratt

Rachel Paulson Pride

Search Database (Alden Nowlan)

Gillian Raby

Aviva Ravel

Winnifred Eaton Reeve

Kati Rekai

Renee L. Paris

Search Database (George Ryga)

Mordecai Richler

Search Database

Gwen Pharis Ringwood

Search Database

Ken Rivard

Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

Leon Rooke

Malcolm Ross

Susan Rudy / Pauline Butling

Enid Delgatty Rutland

George Ryga

Search Database

Marie Samuels

Linda Sandler

Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Anna Cecile Scantland

Simmins (family)

Richard Simmins

Edith Catherine Slater

Catherine Bourke Smith

Kathleen M. Snow

Gordon Snyder

Raymond Souster

Bob Stallworthy

Fred Stenson

George Stewart

Susan Stratton

Morris Surdin

Don W. Thomson

Florence Thorpe


Kathryn (Munro) Tupper

Christine Van der Mark

Aritha van Herk

Search Database

Guy Vanderhaeghe

Ernest Shilston Watkins

Robert Watson

Clarice Webster

Arthur Weir

Rudy Wiebe

Search Database

George Wing

Winnipeg School Division No. 1

Christopher Wiseman

Kerry Wood

Laura Moore Wright

Alan Yates

Young Women's Christian Association (Calgary, Alta)

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