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Robert Kroetsch fonds.
[19--], 1936 - 2003.
19.8275 m of textual records. - 2967 photographs. - 13 sound recordings. - 11 videocassettes.

Canadian author and poet Robert Kroetsch was born in Heisler, Alberta, on June 26, 1927. Biographical information available in The Oxford companion to Canadian literature, 2nd ed., p. 608-610.
Fonds consists of correspondence; manuscripts of poetry, novels, short stories, speeches, essays and reviews; notebooks; audio visual material; awards and honours; teaching materials; works on R. Kroetsch; published work; and works by others. MsC 42, the speech given by R. Kroetsch on the occasion of the presentation of the Robert Kroetsch papers to the University of Calgary, is an appendix to MsC 27.
Previously known as Robert Kroetsch papers.
Acquired between 1975 and 2006. Accession 527/93.2 donated by the National Library of Canada. Accession 591/96.6 donated by R. Kroetsch through the University of Calgary Foundation. MsC 264, consisting of 67 b&w photographs taken at A Likely Story : The Writing of Robert Kroetsch (A Symposium in Celebration of his 70th Birthday) at St. Jerome's University, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, June 12-14, 1997, acquired from the symposium organizers in 1997. MsC 265, consisting of an audio cassette of R. Kroetsch reading at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, March 16, 1999, acquired in 1999. Accession 762/04.12 donated by Smaro Kamboureli in 2004. Accession 804/06.3, consisting of letters and other material relating to Robert Kroetsch, donated by his cousin, Lorne Kroetch, in 2006.
Text in English.
Some items restricted.
Published inventory (for MsC 27) The Robert Kroetsch papers : first accession. - (Canadian archival inventory series, no. 3). - Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 1986. Biocritical essay by Aritha van Herk. MsC 42 described as appendix in published inventory. File level inventory for later accessions available at repository.
For additional archival material relating to Robert Kroetsch see George C. Gahan (Acc 628/98.4 and 647/99.4)).
Further accruals expected.
MsC 27, 42, 264, 265
Acc 334/84.1, 527/93.2, 591/96.6, 719/02.6, 762/04.12, 775/04.25, 804/06.3

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