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Kenneth Dyba fonds.
[1952?] - 2009.
26.1375 m of textual records and other material.

Canadian author, playwright, actor, stage director and archivist Kenneth Dyba was born in Nordegg, Alberta, on May 9, 1945. Educated at the University of British Columbia and Banff School of Fine Arts. Biographical information available in The Canadian who's who, 1992, p. 301.
Fonds consists of correspondence; research material and notes; preliminary work; manuscripts of novels, stage and radio plays, short stories and television play; reviews and promotional material; set designs and props for plays written or directed by K. Dyba; biographical material; published work; plays written by other authors; material relating to Canadian Actors' Equity Association, The Snail project and The vet project; proposals for various programs; photographs; sound recordings; videocassettes; and miscellaneous material. In addition to manuscripts, Accession 434/88.15 includes research material, such as photographs and sound recordings of Betty Mitchell interviews, used by K. Dyba in writing the biography Betty Mitchell (Calgary : Detselig Enterprises, 1986). Accessions 789/05.10 and 831/07.21 include materials relating to Wayson Choy including reviews, posters, itinerary, book catalogue, videotapes and photographs.
Includes ca 2215 photographs, 162 audio reels, 55 audio cassettes, 3 audio discs, 6 audio compact discs, 17 videocassettes, 15 sketches, 1 painting and ca 4.915 m of realia including framed awards, certificates and plaques, stuffed toys, clothing, hats and other props, set models and a wooden washboard.
Donated by K. Dyba between 1987 and 2008.
Text in English.
Some items restricted.
File level inventory available at repository.
Further accruals expected.
Acc 418/87.25, 428/88.9, 434/88.15, 448/89.10, 470/90.10, 501/91.15, 514/92.12, (oversize folders in LT 1213), 534/93.9, 553/94.8a-c, 571/95.9, 593/96.8, 603/97.2, 642/98.18, 657/99.14, 682/00.13, 702/01.8, 727/02.14, 789/05.10, 831/07.21, 847/08.8

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