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The Margaret P. Hess Pamphlet Collection: A - B

A.A.C.S. School Radio Series Kis-Ke-Yem-So Edmonton 884p
The A.S.A. magazine [1 issue] Claresholm: Alberta School of Agriculture, 1915 542p
Adams, Edith Globe-trotting gourmet Vancouver: s.n. 442p
Adshead, H.B. Pioneer tales & other human stories Calgary: Albertan Job Press, 1929 503p
The Akaitcho youth and unity [1 issue] 1964 2055p
Akeeah: stone sculptor Baker Lake Ottawa: s.n., 1968 768p
Alaska. Dept. of Economic Development How to see the real Alaska 304p
Alaska Highway Research Co. The Milepost 305p
The Alaska journal [9 issues] Anchorage: 1972-74 2083p
Alaska magazine [4 issues] 295p
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Seattle: R.A. Reid, 1909 1449p
Alberta Edmonton: King's Printer 477p
Alberta. Board of Agricultural Education Alberta Provincial Schools of Agriculture calendar for 1913-1914 Edmonton: King's Printer, 1913 551p
Alberta. Culture, Youth and Recreation Alberta Government House Edmonton: Provincial Archives, 1975 833p
Alberta. Dept. of Agriculture Alberta, Canada Edmonton: Dept. of Agriculture, 1925 520p
Alberta. Dept. of Agriculture Demonstration farms and schools of agriculture of the province of Alberta Edmonton: Dept. of Agriculture, 1925 [1914] 552p
" The Department of Agriculture 1562p
" Federal-provincial beef cattle performance testing program 1959 557p
" Report of the Alberta Government Demonstration Farms [1913 556p
" Weeds poisonous to livestock 1955 550p
Alberta. Dept. of Education Renewable natural resources in Alberta Edmonton: s.n., 1962 521p
" Westward movement Edmonton: Queen's Printer, 1957 522p
Alberta. Dept. of Industry and Development Alberta through the years 1967 474p
Alberta. Dept. of Lands and Forests Alberta forests 1957 475p
" The Department of Lands and Forests 413p
Alberta. Dept. of Lands and Forests The Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve Edmonton: Queen's Printer, 1962 493p
Alberta. Dept. of Mines An act to amend The Mines and Minerals Act Edmonton: Queen's Printer, 1955 1567p
Alberta. Dept. of Mines & Minerals Alberta oil picture, 1947-1951 1952 494p
Alberta. Dept. of Provincial Secretary Alberta through the years 473p
Alberta. Government Golden jubilee celebrations, Sept. 1955 Edmonton: Hamly, 1955 438p
" Masterpieces of nature Edmonton: King's Printer 1526p
Alberta. Provincial Museum Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta Edmonton: Queen's Printer, 1967 523p
Archaeological Society of Alberta Newsletter [1 issue] 1970 1061p
" Crystal Spring Indian camp site Lethbridge: Southern Printing, 1967 622p
Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta History of the association Edmonton: Hamly, 1947 464p
Alberta business journal [20 issues] 2036
Alberta Cattle Breeders Association Bull sale catalogue Calgary: s.n., 1959 558p
Alberta Centennial Committee Centennial events in Alberta, 1867-1967 Edmonton, 1967 524p
Alberta Co-operative Sugar Beet Growers Association Submission to the Royal Commission ... Lethbridge, 1938 539p
Alberta folklore quarterly [6 issues] 1945-1946 2072
Alberta 4-H light horse and pony clubs Edmonton: 1967 1192p
Alberta Game Farm Welcome to Alberta Game Farm " 481p
Alberta Travel Bureau Alberta, Canada Edmonton: Alberta Government 527p
Alberta Travel Bureau Your vacation paradise Edmonton: Alberta Government 525p
Alberta Travel Bureau Approved tourist accommodation guide 1968 472p
" Alberta tour 492p
" Alberta vacation 470p
" Visit Alberta for a wonderful vacation 526p
" Your invitation to Alberta 528p
Alberta Hereford Association Constitution and by-laws Calgary: 1961 515p
" Fifty years of progress [1951] 549p
Alberta Historical Review [83 issues] 2060p
Alberta Indian Association Appendix to submission to joint committee ... 1960 1460p
Alberta Indian Education Centre 1373p
Alberta Light Horse Association Annual horse show [3 issues] Calgary: 1944; 1958; 1961 761p
Alberta Motor Association Official guide Calgary: A.M.A. 471p
Alberta Wilderness Association The Elbow-Sheep headwaters Calgary: A.W.A., 1972 439p
Alberta writers speak [4 issues] 1960; 1964; 1967; 1969 2054p
Album de la Iglesia de la Merced Havana: Seoane, Fernandez 705p
Allen, Henry T. Atnatanas Seattle: Shorey Book Store, 1970 1533p
Alpine Club of Canada The Gazette [36 issues] Alpine Club of Canada, 1932-1961 2080p
Aluminum Company of Canada Facts about Kitimat and Kemano 1956 421p
American Automobile Association Alaska and the Alaska highway 1959-60 306p
American Horse Shows Association Suggestions for gymkhana events N.Y.: A.H.S.A. 1452p
" Typical obstacles and suggested courses for trail classes " 1451p
American Quarter Horse Association Ride a quarter horse Amarillo, Tx.: A.Q.H.A., 1970 1231p
" Training quarter horses 1257p
American Remount Association Distribution of remount stallions ... Washington: 1928 1194p
American Women's Club of Calgary Yearbook, 1968-69 Calgary: Hickey & Jones 506p
" Glimpses of the past [1962] 507p
The Ammonite [2 issues] Calgary, 1933; 1934 2064p
Amon Carter Museum [Information about the museum] 938p
Anawaks - ceramic sculptor Ottawa: Queen's Printer 769p
Anchorage Arts Man of La Mancha Anchorage: 1974 294p
Anchorage Concert Association World's greatest jazz band " 293p
Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum An introduction to the native art of Alaska Anchorage: 1972 983p
Anderson, Allan Varsity's "Operation Igloo" [from Varsity Graduate, Dec. 1945] 1945 292p
Anderson, C.H. Soil management practices in the Upper Peace River region Ottawa: Dept. of Agriculture, 1956 548p
Anderson, Frank W. Bill Miner, train robber Calgary: Frontiers Unlimited 1411p
" The death of Albert Johnson " 845p
" The Frank Slide story " 1307p
" The Hope Slide story " 1310p
" Regina's terrible tornado " 1412p
" The rum runners " 1413p
Anderson, J.E. The people of Faisty Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1963 1106p
Anderson, James Sawney's letters and Cariboo rhymes Victoria: Sutton, 1962 1435p
Anderson, Mavis The good old days of Broadview [Broadview, Sask.?, 1955?] 460p
Andrew, D.A. Let's look at the Hereford bull Calgary: Canadian Hereford Association, 1960 538p
Andrews, R.J. The fur fort Ginn, 1970 420p
Andrist, Friedrich Mares, foals and foaling London: J.A. Allen, 1962 1410p
Aneroid High School History of Aneroid Aneroid: News Magnet Print, 1955 462p
Anglican Church of Canada Anglican jubilee banquet, 1883-1933 Calgary: 1933 1933
Anglican Church of Canada. Dept. of Missions On the last frontiers 1027p
Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Calgary Charge delivered to the Synod ... Calgary: 1931 1042p
Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Calgary Proceedings of the 24th meeting ... Calgary: 1931 1044p
" Report of the committee on the Bishop's Charge " 1039p
" Report of Secretary-Treasurer ... 1931-32 1040p
" Tracts for the times, nos. X, XXIV 1038p
Anglican Church of Canada. Diocese of Rupert's Land Enthronement of the most Reverend Father In God Louis Ralph Sherman, 1943 291p
Antikvariat Arnold Busck Greenlandica Copenhagen, 1966 881p
Appaloosa Club, High River Appaloosa show and contest manual, 1966 High River: Appaloosa Horse Club 537p
Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc. Youth contest guide Moscow, Id., 1970 1239p
Appleton's journal [1 issue] 2003p
Arctic [15 issues] 2023p
Arctic & Northern Development 1973-74 289p
Arctic & Northern Development Digest 1975-76 2027p
Arctic Arts Festival in conjunction with the 1974 Arctic Winter Games Anchorage, 1974 975p
Arctic Winter Games " 158p
Arctic in colour [11 issues] 2028p
Arctic Institute of North America Annual report [6 issues] 1961-67 288p
Arctic Institute of North America Annual research survey, suppl.1 1968 187p
" The Canadian Arctic [programme] Montreal: McGill University, 1963 883p
" Icefield Ranges Research Project 186p
" Why an Arctic Institute 185p
Argus, George W. Botanical investigations in northeastern Saskatchewan 1966 630p
Argus, George W. Plant collections from Carswell Lake and Beartooth Island ... 1964 629p
" The Taxonomy of the Salix Glauca complex in North America Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, Gray Herbarium, 1965 628p
Ario's Ranchman's catalog Great Falls, [1958] 536p
Armstrong, L.O. The fjords of America Washington, 1925 505p
" Whales and sea lions 1924 504p
Arnott, J.H. [and others] Beekeeping in Saskatchewan Saskatoon: Queen's Printer, 1954 647p
L'Art Esquimaux Miniatures sculptees d'Eskimo Point Ottawa 1294p
Ashcroft Journal Ashcroft, the gateway to northern B.C. 1909 908p
Asmus, Henry Farm horseshoeing Washington: G.P.O., 1927 1182p
Assiniboine/ Les Assiniboines Toronto 1381p
Atkinson, A.L.C. A history of Holy Trinity Church 909p
Australian wildflowers and wildlife calender Morrabbin, Victoria, 1964 646p
Baerg, G.C. A brief history of Mennonites in British Columbia Yarrow, B.C.: Columbia Press, 1964 509p
Bahti, Tom An introduction to southwestern arts and crafts Flagstaff: KC Publications, 1966 1464p
Baird, P.D. Expeditions to the Canadian Arctic [1949?] 184p
Baker, Edna Prairie place names Toronto: Ryerson, 1928 508p
Baker, Everett Trails and traces of Rupert's Land ... Saskatoon: Modern Press, 1955 702p
Baker Lake prints/estampes [3 v.] 1971-73 1458p
Banff, Alberta 50 Switzerlands in one: Banff the beautiful 1523p
Banfield, A.W.F. A revision of the reindeer and caribou, genus rangifer Ottawa, 1961 645p
Bank, Ted People of the Bering Sea New York, 1971 1380p
Bank of Montreal Cattle brands of Alberta [Calgary]: Bank of Montreal 511p
Bannister, C. The story of our totem poles Vancouver 593p
Banting, M.B. Saskatchewan prairie pioneers Whitewood: 1967 756p
The Bar-Kay-Cee hereford dispersion sale ... Calgary, 19-- 697p
Barbeau, Marius All hands aboard scrimshawing Salem: American Neptune, 1966 935p
" Assomption sash 936p
Barbeau, Marius The hydra reborn in the new world [reprint] Art Quarterly, Spring 1949 419p
" Medicine-men on the north Pacific coast Ottawa: Dept. of Northern Affairs, 1958 1374p
" The modern growth of the totem pole of the northwest coast Seattle: Shorey Book Store, 1965 1375p
" The native races of Canada Ottawa: Royal Society, 1927 1376p
" Tsimsyan myths Ottawa: National Museum of Canada 1961
Barlee, N.L. Gold creeks and ghost towns Summerland, B.C.: Canada West Magazine 418p
" The pictograph country: Similkameen 1415p
" The prospectors' and collectors' guide 465p
" The sagebrush country: south Okanagan 1414p
Barns for thoroughbred horses Lexington, Ky.: The Blood-Horse, 1961? 1156p
Bartlett, Katherine The material culture of Pueblo II ... Flagstaff, 1934 934p
Bartoli, Tomas A project about historic Nootka Sound Vancouver: U.B.C., 1962 417p
Bates, Maxwell Far-away flags Victoria, 1964 1336p
Bates' Illustrated Novels Overland route to the Pacific through British America [c1890] 1480p
Battien, Pauline Joe Moris Rossland, B.C.: Miner Printing 235p
Beach, Floyd K. Alberta's petroleum paternity Gardenvale, P.Q.: National Business Pubs. 233p
Beach, Floyd K. and J.L. Irwin, J.L. The history of Alberta oil Edmonton: Dept. of Lands and Mines, [1939?] 232p
Beal, Merrill D. Grand Canyon Flagstaff: KC Publications, 1968 1465p
Beaulac, Romulus Cooperation en Saskatchewan 236p
Beaulieu, Antoine Fort Fitzgerald to Fort Resolution in 1908 Yellowknife: N.W.T. Dept. of Education, 1973 1383p
" Getting lime " 1382p
Beaulieu, Harriet Life in the bush 1384p
Beautiful British Columbia [32 issues] 1959-76 2022p
The Beaver [231 issues] 2061p
Beck, Richard Vilhjalmur Stefansson 159p
Beck, W.H. A guide to Saskatchewan mammals Regina: 1958 664p
Beery, Jesse How to ride and train the saddle horse Pleasant Hill, OH. 1197p
Belanger, Art J. The Calgary-Edmonton/Edmonton-Calgary trail Calgary; Frontiers Unlimited 847p
" A half mile of hell " 846p
Belcher, Margaret Birds of Regina Regina: 1961 663p
Bell, Charles N. A prehistoric copper hook Winnipeg: D. Richardson, 192- 1392p
Bell, G.A. Feeding horses Washington: G.P.O., 1934 1185p
Bell, Robert Observations on the geology, zoology and botany of Hudson's Strait and Bay ... Montreal; Dawson Brothers, 1885 1021p
Bell Telephone Company Official telephone Directory: Calgary [reprint of 1903 ed.] [Calgary: 1974?] 237p
Bennett, R.B. The premier speaks to the people ... 4th address Ottawa: Dominion Conservative Headquarters 1276p
Bergen Bergen: Grako 1018p
Bergeron, Cora Our heritage Quesnel, B.C.: Hixon Women's Institute, 1969 238p
Bernard Amtmann Arctic and Antarctic catalogue Montreal: 1960 183p
Berolzheimer, Ruth The meals-for-two cookbook 231p
Berry, J.P. Maskepetoon Toronto: United Church of Canada, 1945 239p
Best, Cora Johnstone Hell roaring waters and other motion picture talks Washington: Bureau of Commercial Economics, 1924 265p
Bird, Charles D. The Aspen parkland 415p
Bishop, R.P. Drake's course in the North Pacific 1939 242p
Black, George The birth of the empire Acme Press 925p
Bleeker, Sonia The Golden play book of Indian stamps N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, 1954 1385p
Blindheim, Charlotte The Viking age Ottawa: Universitetets Oldsaksamlung, 1974 1001p
Blizard, John Gas producer trials with Alberta coals Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau, 1921 1200p
The Blood-Horse Stakes winners of 1937, 1939, 1942, 1943 American Thoroughbred Breeders Assoc. 933p
Boas, Franz The house of the Kwakiutl Indians Washington: G.P.O. 1022p
Bob Edward's summer annual, 1920 Toronto: Musson, 1920 2067
Boon, T.C. St. Peter's Dynevor 1954 592p
Booth, F.L. Plain poems Vulcan, Alta.: 1968 1434p
Bordaz, Jacques First tools of mankind 1959 1069p
Borden, Charles E. DjRi 3 Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1960 1105p
Borgund Stavkirke 1014p
[Boston, Massachusetts] A guide at a glance of historic Boston Winchester, Mass.: Bawding Distributing, 1964 1407p
Boundary Historical Society Sixth report, 1971 Grand Forks, B.C.: Gazette Printing, 1971 611p
Bowman, Amos Preliminary report on field notes in Cariboo District, B.C., 1885 Victoria, 1886 182p
Bowness Golden Jubilee, 1911-1961 Calgary: Burnand Printing, 1961 351p
Bramble, Charles A. Land of the lobstick Winnipeg, 1920 244p
Breed crosses with beef cattle in the south 1962 546p
Bremner, Janet Agnes Sorrel Forbes Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1921 267p
Briercrest Jubilee Committee A record of activities ... 1912-1912 Briercrest, Sask.: 1962 463p
British American Oil Company B.A. welcomes you to the new Pincher Creek gas processing and sulphur plant 1958 245p
British Columbia. Bureau of Provincial Information British Columbia, Canada Victoria: C.F. Banfield, 1931 910p
" Highways, motor camps & stopping-places in British Columbia Victoria: King's Printer, 1929 911p
" Game of British Columbia Victoria: 1906 649p
British Columbia. Dept. of Agriculture B.C. horse and cattle brands Victoria: 1948 547p
British Columbia. Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade and Commerce 1968 directory of handicrafts Victoria: 1967 921p
British Columbia. Dept. of Lands Peace River land recording division Victoria: 1914 912p
British Columbia. Dept. of Travel Industry Beautiful British Columbia Victoria: 1969 913p
British Columbia. Government Travel Bureau Tourist accommodations 1960 Victoria: 1960 722p
" Tourist directory, 1968 Victoria: 1968 914p
British Columbia. Legislative Assembly Handbook of British Columbia Victoria: 1921 610p
British Columbia. Provincial Archives Our native peoples - Kootenay Victoria: 1952 1379p
British Columbia Historical Association. Vancouver Section Historic Yale Vancouver: 1954 915p
British Columbia historical quarterly [20 issues] 2039p
British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority Peace River power Vancouver: 1957 916p
British Horse Society Polo for the pony club London: B.H.S., 1960 932p
Broadcast Music Inc. Canadian music at Carnegie Hall 931p
Brockman, C. Frank The story of the Petrified Forest ... Tacoma, Wash.: North Pacific Bank Note 1079p
Brodie, Paul F. The growth of the white whale N.W.T. Dept. of Information 668p
Brooks, Charles W. Japanese wrecks stranded and picked up adrift in the north Pacific ocean Fairfield, Wash.: Ye Galleon Press, 1964 246p
Brown, Harrison Admirals, adventurers and able seamen Vancouver: Keystone Press 264p
Brown, J.A. Farm land prices in Saskatchewan Regina: Dept. of Agriculture, 1967 540p
Bryan, Bill The importance of press relations N.Y.: American Horses Shows Association 1450p
Bryan, E.H. Stars over Hawaii Honolulu: Books About Hawaii, 1955 839p
Bryant, Henry G. An exploration in southeastern Labrador 1913 160p
Bryce, George Among the mound builders' remains Winnipeg, 1904 1396p
" The Assiniboine River and its forts Ottawa: Transactions of the Royal Society, 1892 287p
" Brief outlines of the most famous journeys in and about Rupert's Land Ottawa: T.R.S., 1886 72p
" Treasures of our library Winnipeg, 1904 73p
Buckaway, C.M. The Prairie Rose story [1960] 74p
Buckley, H. [et al.] The Indians and Metis of northern Saskatchewan Saskatoon, 1963 1372p
Burg, Amos On Mackenzie's trail to the polar sea 757p
Burgess, Thornton W. Wild flowers we should know Racine, Wis.: Whitman, 1929 1497p
Burkholder, Mabel Captain Cook Toronto: Ryerson, 1929 1516p
Burnham Homemakers Club 50 years along the cutbank Burnham, Sask.: Burnham Homemakers, 1955 75p
[Burns, Robert] Burns song book Calgary 1433p
Burpee, Lawrence J. Highways of the fur trade 1914 76p
" The Hudson Bay to the Blackfoot country Toronto: Ryerson, 1929 1518p
" The Lake of the Woods tragedy Ottawa: Royal Society, 1903 77p
" Two western adventurers Toronto: Ryerson, 1929 1519p
Bushby, A.T. The journal of ... 1858-59 1958 78p
Butler, Bill In progress: Alder Gulch and others Berkeley: Haunted Bookshop & Private Press 1432p
Byrnes, Slim Pioneer days at Cecil Lake Fort St. John: Alaska Highway News 79p
Byron-Johnson, Mrs. R.G. Indians [ts] Calgary: Riveredge Foundation, 1968 18p
The Bystander [7 issues] 2041p

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