By way of introduction:

It was a great delight to meet with Susan Rudy and Lynette Hunter to explore the possibility of having an exhibit in conjunction with the Women and Texts / Les Femmes et Les Textes gathering. The invitation was based, I believe, on the interesting / exciting / fun / beautiful works which the Special Collections area in the University of Calgary Library has assembled in the last few years.

The works presented reflect the considerations which you the artists, writers and speakers have set out in "coming together to work on ways of expressing what is valued in our daily lives / une rencontre pour travailler sur les moyens d'exprimer la richesse de nos vies quotidiennes".

In the exhibit you will see works by and about women: women who work individually or in close collaboration with other artists and writers; women who work with the fabric of words, images and textures of paper, cloth and form; women who enjoy presenting "what is valued in our daily lives / la richesse de nos vies quotidiennes" and thus introduce us again to other ways of seeing.

I hope that you will enjoy the presentation.

My heartfelt thanks go to Arta Johnson who not only worked with me on the exhibition catalogue but also radiated her delight in the works themselves. I also wish to acknowledge and thank Lyndsay Dobson who graciously allowed me to use her many words describing the works. Her delightful catalogues are creative works in themselves.

In Canada we have been fortunate to have a number of works on private printing. These are cited in the Sources portion of the catalogue. The information contained in those sources provided additional information for the exhibit. I am most grateful to all the writers, editors and compilers.

Apollonia Lang Steele
Special Collections Librarian
University of Calgary Library
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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