PDFs at Bone Imaging Lab


Video Library

This is a collection of YouTube videos showing lab presentations.

Bonelab Git Repository

Learn how to download, install and contribute to our Git repository through a series of YouTube videos prepared by Dr. Bryce Besler. This repository includes tools for visualization, image processing, and example scripts in Python and R. 

Part 1: Welcome

Part 4: Tools

Part 7: Dependencies

Part 10: Example Data

Part 2: Overview

Part 5: Versioning & contributing

Part 8: zsh fix

Part 11: Closing

Part 3: Structure

Part 6: Relation to Numerics88

Part 9: Clone & Install


Presentations on how to perform some of our key activities in the lab are collected here.


Data Analysis


EOS Analysis



A collection of presentations that members of the lab have produced so that we can share our science.

Podcast on TBone study