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New printers will be available soon

Commencing August 12 and continuing until the end of the year, new printers will be installed across campus.

New features include:

  • Follow-me print: Print from any new Ricoh printer across campus. Users will swipe their Unicard or enter their login credentials to retrieve their printing.
  • Scan to me: Scan your document and receive it to your email automatically

In addition to new features, there are a number of additional benefits of moving to new printers, supported by a new vendor:

  • enhanced service levels; 
  • reduced waste; 
  • reduced costs; 
  • increased reliability; and,
  • improved security.

Changes for faculty and staff:
You will be required to swipe your Unicard card to release your print job. This will help prevent abandoned print jobs – reducing wasted paper and costs for materials and printer maintenance. It will also help improve security by preventing other users from removing your documents.

Unicards printed in 2007 or before
Please note Unicards printed in 2007 or before will not work on our new printers. Users will still be able to use their login credentials, but will not be able to swipe their Unicard. Please make arrangements to get a replacement Unicard should yours be from 2007 or earlier. Faculty and staff should refer to the Unicard site.

More information
Our project page has more details, including FAQs, for your reference.

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