Braedon McDonald

Assistant Professor

Departments of Critical Care Medicine, and Medicine

Attending Intensivist

Alberta Health Services, Foothills Medical Centre

FRCPC - Critical Care Medicine

University of Calgary, 2018

FRCPC - Internal Medicine

University of British Columbia, 2016


University of Calgary, 2013

PhD - Immunology

University of Calgary, 2013

BSc - Microbiology and Immunology

McGill University, 2007

Contact information


Office: 403.220.6885


Office : HSC1881


Research Activities

1.  Microbiology and immunology of infections and sepsis in the ICU.

                a.     Gut microbiota dysbiosis in the pathogenesis of nosocomial infections and organ dysfunction in the ICU.

                b.     Multi-dimensional profiling of microbiota-immune interactions in ICU patients.

                c.     Host-microbe interactions and immune dysfunction in critical illness.

2.  Microbiota-immune interactions in the regulation of host defense against infections and sepsis.

                a.     Intravital imaging of host-microbe interactions in vivo.

                b.     Germ-free and gnotobiotic models of ICU dysbiosis.

                c.    Cellular and molecular mechanisms of microbiota-immune interactions during sepsis and critical illness.

3.  Translational research into precision therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of infections and sepsis in the ICU.

                a.     Development of precision microbiota-editing strategies to modulate microbiota-immune mutualism.

                b.   Immunotherapy for the treatment of infections and sepsis.


*****Accepting applications for Postdoctoral Fellows and Graduate Students*****


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In the Lab

Diana Changirwa
MSc student

Breenna Dobson
MSc student

Jared Schlechte
MSc student

Amanda Zucoloto
PhD student

Gabriela Quiroz-Olguin
Postdoctoral Fellow

Katrina Yu
Lab Manager

Administrative Assistant

Angie Lamb
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