Artificial Intelligence for Public Health Seattle (ran in 2021)

Multidisciplinary international teams using AI to solve public health problems.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a key skillset for public and community health research and practice across the world. In the context of ever-increasing flows of data through social media, crowdsourced data production/analysis and open data platforms, infeasible labour-intensive manual data analysis practices are being automated and richer insights developed accordingly. This program has been developed to give students the skillset to thrive in a technologically and socially innovative world.

Students in this program will participate in the Data Science for Social Good program through University of Washington’s eScience Institute in Seattle. This virtual program offers students the opportunity to work as part of a team with students from across North America in order to conceptualize and address community health problems using artificial intelligence methods. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to critically mobilize theories of digital technology; understand the limits and affordances of technical thinking in a social context; apply your knowledge gained through urban and geographical fieldwork; and build strong connections with researchers, practitioners, and institutions in Seattle – a global hub for technological, social and entrepreneurial innovation.

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Summer 2021

Program type

Virtual Group Program

Application information

Application information

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Additional requirements

This program is open to undergrad and master's students in all majors.

Application deadline


Info sessions

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Tuition and fees

There are no additional fees or costs required for you to participate in this amazing opportunity! 

Participants will only pay the tuition and fees affiliated with for-credit courses on campus. For more information on Spring/Summer 2021 tuition, please view the Tuition and General Fees section of the UCalgary 2020/2021 Academic Calendar.

Program details

Questions about these courses should be directed to the program instructor.

Please note:

These courses are co-requisites and you must stay enrolled in both courses for the duration of the program.

  1. Courses offered

    Students on this program are required to enroll in both courses:

    Courses offered

    GEOG 582: Technology, Society, and Space (3 units)

    GEOG 597: Advanced Topics in Human Geography (3 units)

  2. Prerequisites

    GEOG 582: Consent of the Department

    GEOG 597: Consent of the Department

  3. Class times and additional activities

    The program will run from July 1 - August 7, 2021.

    Updated itinerary GEOG 582 (July 1-7, 2021)

    Updated itinerary GEOG 597 (July 12 - Aug. 7, 2021)

    Please note that in addition to your live classroom lectures and activities, you will be participating in group work and online discussions. These are also an important and required component of your program and your learning. Please ensure that you have time built into your schedule to participate fully in these activities.

  1. Costs

    There are no additional fees or costs required for you to participate in this amazing opportunity! 

    Participants will only pay the tuition and fees affiliated with for-credit courses on campus. For more information on Spring/Summer 2021 tuition, please view the Tuition and General Fees section of the UCalgary 2020/2021 Academic Calendar.

  2. Funding

    UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant

    The UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant, valued at $500 per grant, is awarded to students who will be undertaking a UGo virtual global learning program during the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters. UGo virtual global learning programs include virtual exchanges, group study programs, research and internships. 

    Application Deadline: March 10, 2021 11:59pm MST

    Questions? Contact us at

This program is open to undergraduate and master's students in good academic standing from all faculties.

Previously accepted:

If you were already accepted to the travel format of this program, you will need to resubmit your application in RAISA by applying to 2021 UGo Group Program: Artificial Intelligence for Public Health Seattle. This is a formality and you will be readmitted right away.

You will not need to include your statement of purpose again.

New applicants:

This program is open to undergraduate and masters students in good academic standing from all faculties.

Applications will be considered after your application and supplemental documents have been received by Study Abroad.

An informal interview may be requested by the instructor after your application is submitted.

If you are a new applicant to the 2021 UGo Group Program: 2021 UGo Group Program: Artificial Intelligence for Public Health Seattle, please apply using the following steps.

  1. Statement of Purpose

    Please tell us why you want to participate in this particular program (academic reasons, personal interest, career prospects, etc.) and how it will meet your academic objectives and/or complement your degree, how you plan to finance your program and why you should be selected.

    The Statement of Purpose is submitted within your online application (max 500 words).

    Note: Because the online application will time out after one hour, we recommend that you compose your statement of purpose in advance in Word to check for spelling, grammar and word count, and then paste it into the online application.

  2. Unofficial Transcript

    Please download your unofficial transcript from your student centre and email it to

    Click here for a step-by-step guide to access your unofficial transcript.

  3. Supplemental Documents

    Please Click here to download the supplemental questionnaire. Download the questionnaire on your computer first before beginning to fill it out. Please email to 

Will there be any additional cost to me?

There are no additional fees or costs required for you to participate in this amazing opportunity! 

Participants will only pay the tuition and fees affiliated with for-credit courses on campus. For more information on Spring/Summer 2021 tuition, please view the Tuition and General Fees section of the UCalgary 2020/2021 Academic Calendar.


Are there any scholarships, grants, or bursaries available for me if I participate in this program?

More information on awards and funding coming soon!


Can I take just one of the courses?

You must enroll in and stay enrolled in both courses offered. This program is a group learning experience and your continued commitment to the community cohort is part of the enhanced learning experience.


What is the difference between this program and my regular online classes?

You are part of a group 

  • Throughout the course of this program, you will be working in a cohort with your classmates and professors. You will be taking all of your courses online together for the duration of the program. This will ensure continuity of ideas, group dynamics, program themes, and schedules. 

The course content is linked 

  • These programs are designed around a theme and so the content from the courses included are intertwined and can be used to inform assignments in more than one course. This means that you will have a more immersive and deep experience than you would if you were to take two or three separate courses this Spring or Summer.

International partnerships

  • By participating in these programs, you have the potential to develop your international network by working on projects and assignments with students from our partner institutions and organizations or companies affiliated with the course. This will help you to develop your intercultural skills, increase your self-awareness within the program discipline, and make academic and professional connections in other parts of the world. 

Small class sizes

  • Your class will be limited to between 10-20 students. This means that you will have an increase in discussions, more face-to-face interactions with your peers and professors, and more guidance from your professors.

All programs are affiliated with Global Learning outcomes

  • On top of the in-class benefits, you will join a growing group of students who participate in virtual global learning programs. This means that these programs are aligned with the UCalgary International Strategy and Intercultural Competency Development plan. We will be offering support through your group study program advisors and optional supplementary programming to help you achieve your global learning goals.  


Resources for students taking online courses:

Online Library Resources: If you are unable to access the library in-person, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the UCalgary Online Library Resources

E-learning: The Student Success Centre has a online learning video series they have created from their live webinars on the topic. It breaks it down into smaller topics like time management, online group work or managing procrastination. 

Zoom:  Zoom is the platform we use for synchronous sessions. Here are some resources for students, including how to provision your UCalgary Zoom account.

D2L: Welcome to D2L our asynchronous learning portal! We plan to use the discussion boards and upload videos to make this as interactive as possible. For our incoming students who may not have used this platform before (or Ucalgary students who want a refresher) here is a D2L tutorial for students.  One tool that might be new for everyone is Yuja, which is a tool for making videos like the one above. If you already have video skills feel free to upload others but if you want to use the one built in check out the tutorial linked above. 

Canadian Academics: For our incoming UGo students, there are resources specific to international students as well as an academic support advisor who can also help with your transition to the Canadian classroom! Don't forget to go to the session in the international student orientation

Textbooks: Just a reminder to check out if your exchange courses have a textbook. Some options to look into now would be to see if your home university's bookstore has the textbook available to purchase or rent, if you can order it from a third party source like Amazon or Abe books, or if your host or home libraries have it available to borrow or download. If you have any difficulties please connect with us or the advisor at your home/host university. See the UCalgary Bookstore digital search for online options.

Ethical online learning:

Coming soon

Getting started

Program-Specific Info Sessions

Info sessions are scheduled for every Group Study Program. Attending an info session is not required to apply, but strongly recommended as it will give you an opportunity to meet the instructor and learn more about the travel experience.

We also recommend watching Global Learning 101 for general information.

Watch Global Learning 101

Study Abroad Advising

If you have questions about this program, you can meet with one of our Group Study Advisors by emailing or booking an appointment through the link below.

1. Select "Advising"
2. Select “Study Abroad”
3. Select “Book by Appointment Type”
4. Select your program advisor to view available times.

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Academic Advising

Before applying to study abroad, you should ask your academic advisor how a Group Study Program might align with your degree.

After you are accepted, you should ask your academic advisor more specific questions about courses/credits. It’s also recommended to follow up with your advisor again once you return to Calgary.

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Once you have gathered everything you need, you can begin your application!

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