UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant

Let us help you fund your Virtual Global Learning program!

UCalgary International has allocated funding to increase and support student participation in virtual global learning through the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant.

The UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant, valued at $500 per grant, is awarded to students who will be undertaking a UGo virtual global learning program. UGo virtual global learning programs include virtual exchanges, group study programs, research, and internships

Important Information

Application status: Closed

Sponsored by: UCalgary International

Questions? Contact us at or 403.220.8796

To be eligible for a UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be earning credit towards a degree at the University of Calgary (UCalgary), i.e. accepted into and registered in a degree program at time of application;
  • Must be participating in a UCalgary virtual global learning program such as a UGo Virtual Student Exchange, UGo Group Study Program, UGo Research or UGo Internship;
  • The virtual global learning program must occur during the Fall 2022 semester;
  • Must be obtaining a minimum of three units of academic credit for a UGo Exchange or Group Study Program (three units = one half course equivalent = one (1) semester course) or participating in an approved UGo Internship or Research opportunity;
  • Have a minimum academic standing of 2.50 GPA (Grade Point Average) over the last eight (8) courses taken for undergraduate students or are graduate students in good academic standing; and
  • Have completed at least eight (8) courses (24 units) towards their undergraduate degree program by the time they go abroad (may include transfer courses) OR completed at least one semester of their graduate degree program prior to participation.
  • Applicants with less than eight (8) courses completed towards their undergraduate degree program at the time of application must have at least four (4) courses completed with a minimum of 2.50 GPA and have completed at least eight (8) courses with a 2.50 GPA, prior to program start date.

A printable version of the above guidelines is available here.

All University of Calgary students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply. Consideration of applications for funding is on a competitive basis. The requested Statement of Purpose will be reviewed and evaluated during the selection process.

Preference may be given to applicants who:

  • Are undertaking an undergraduate degree;
  • Demonstrate financial need and/or other barriers to participation in this program; and
  • Have not previously received funding from the International Studentship or International Study Travel Grant competition.

The committee will not consider applicants who:

  • Are attending conferences;
  • Are registered in a PhD program;
  • Are not registered in a degree program at UCalgary;
  • Are currently on the program for which they are requesting funding;
  • Have completed their program at the time of applying for the Grant; or
  • Submit a late application.

All required information can be found on this webpage. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application is submitted in full by Friday, July 29, 2022 at 11:59pm MDT.

  • Complete the Online Application Form. Log into your account at, go to the Fund Tab, and apply for the Fall 2022 UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant.
  • If you are participating in more than one virtual study abroad program in different periods of time within the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant commencement dates/semester, you can only receive funding for one of the programs. Please choose one program only and apply for funding for that program.
  • Following the completion of your program, you will be required to submit a program report and participate in Global Learning promotional activities. The UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant report and promotional details will be provided upon acceptance.

INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Please ensure you have submitted your application properly.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the application is complete and has been submitted prior to the deadline. Applications that are saved but not submitted will not be considered.

To check the status of an application, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on the tab labeled “My Applications”
  3. Click on "view fund applications"

The status of your application will be shown on the right hand side of the Fund application title.

Here is what each status means:

Accepted - Congratulations, you have been awarded a grant. You will receive an email within 24 hours of this status change with the award details. If it has been more than 24 hours, please email to have the letter re-sent. Please make sure to check your junk/spam mailbox.

Applied - Your application has been completed and successfully submitted. Your application will remain at the applied status until the system is updated with the committee decisions.

Declined- Unfortunately, you have not been awarded a grant.

Saved - You have a draft application. Any applications that are saved are not considered by the committee. Please ensure you complete and submit your application by the deadline.

Withdrawn -You have not been able to complete the study program or an acceptable alternative and are therefore ineligible for the grant so your funding has been withdrawn. This is only used for students who withdraw an application before the committee considers it or who withdraw after they have been awarded.

What do I need to do to have my UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant paid out?

Once you have been accepted, here are the steps you will need to complete to receive your UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant:

Accept Terms and Conditions:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on the tab labeled “My Applications”
  3. Click on "view fund applications"
  4. You should be able to see a button called “Registration." Please click on it and check the box that confirms you have read and understood all the terms and conditions for receiving the grant.

Update your banking information:

  1. Enter your banking information through your UCalgary Student Centre
  2. Go to the "My Financials" section and click on "Submit Direct Deposit Info." (NOTE: This is in very small text at the base of the "Awards and Scholarships" block)


When will I get my grant paid out?

Students must UPDATE their banking information and ACCEPT the Terms & Conditions by a deadline of AUGUST 8, 2022 in order to receive the grant.

The grant payment will be tentatively scheduled for disbursement AUGUST 25, 2022. Any updates about this timeline will be communicated to successful applicants.


Reimbursement Clause:

In the event that you are unable to begin your planned virtual global learning experience by December 31, 2022, you agree to immediately notify the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant Administrators at and reimburse this funding to the University of Calgary in care of University of Calgary International within two weeks of the planned commencement of your planned program. In addition, if you fail to comply with academic and non-academic misconduct policies, you must immediately reimburse the funding.

A printable version of the International UGo Virtual Learning Grant Terms and Conditions are available here.


I have applied for a virtual study program but have not received confirmation of my acceptance, am I still eligible?

Yes. You can apply based on the tentative dates and details for your proposed program. If the committee chooses to award you funding, it will be contingent on you providing proof of participation in the program.

How much is the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant?




If I am participating in a UCalgary program as a Visiting Student (e.g. from MRU) am I eligible to be awarded a UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant?

No. Students must be earning credits towards a UCalgary degree.

I have applied to transfer to the UCalgary so this program will count towards my degree once I am accepted, am I eligible?

You must be accepted into an UCalgary degree program by the application deadline. Most students will not receive confirmation that they have been accepted for transfer until mid-summer. If you are planning on participating in a winter term program, you can apply in the fall competition for funding if your transfer is not finalized by the March deadline. If you apply before your transfer is approved, you will not be an eligible applicant.

I am an Open Studies Student, am I eligible?

No. Open Studies students are not officially registered in a degree program so they are not earning credit towards a degree. If you were an Open Studies student in the past but you have been accepted into a degree program at the UCalgary by the application deadline, you are eligible.

I am looking to attend a conference related to my thesis/research/degree, am I eligible?

No. Conferences are not eligible for funding through the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant. Please contact the Students’ Union, if you are an undergraduate student or the Faculty of Graduate Studies, if you are a graduate student to see what other options are available to you.

I am not eligible for the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant. Can you suggest other sources of funding?

We have compiled a listing of funding options for students to further investigate. Click here for more information.

I am an International Student. Can I apply for a UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant to help with the cost of my studies at the UCalgary?

No. The UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant is only awarded for virtual studies outside of Canada. However, international students who are doing a Virtual Learning Abroad program are eligible for the UGo Virtual Global Learning Grant funding.



I have not yet received my grant. What do I do?

Please check your bank statement for the month that you were supposed to receive your grant. The money should have been deposited either on the 10th or 25th of the month. If you still do not see the deposit from the University of Calgary in your statement, you will have to contact Human Resources at (403) 220-5932.


Promotional Requirements:

I want to see if a promotional activity will be accepted, who do I contact?

Please send an email with the details to

All grant recipients must participate in a promotional event or contribute a promotional submission that is equivalent to 2 hours of volunteer work or comparable effort.

Please let us know what promotional requirement you would like to participate in by emailing the International Study Travel Grant email at We suggest picking 2 options in case your first one is not available. 

Here is a PDF version of the list.

1. Volunteer for in-person marketing events or promotional assistance: 

This requires a time commitment of 2 hours total or 2 shifts. All the necessary information will be prepared and provided to you. Most of our marketing events occur in September and throughout the Fall semester, with limited opportunities in early Winter semester. Opportunities include: 

  • Tabling: Sign up to help staff one of our promotion tables, hand out brochures, and help answer general questions. You will need to sign up for 2 shifts to complete your 2-hour volunteer commitment. You will be notified when shifts have been created and posted in Elevate. We will have multiple opportunities to sign up for shifts throughout the semester. 

  • Postering: Help us get posters up around campus! You will take a set of posters to designated buildings where you will ensure all the notice boards have our posters. Please be sure to hit all the floors of the buildings. You will need to sign up for 2 shifts to complete your 2-hour volunteer commitment. You will be notified when shifts have been created and posted in Elevate. We will have multiple opportunities to sign up for shifts throughout the semester. 

  • Classroom Visits: Give a brief presentation on study abroad opportunities (slides provided). These spaces are quite limited, so please pick a back-up option in case these are not available. 

  • Info Sessions/Presentations: Join one of our info sessions to satisfy your requirements. Please note, these are invitation only by instructors or Global Learning Advisors. Let us know if you are interested in participating in a presentation, info session, or panel and we will make note of it - but plan to have another option in place to fulfill your requirements as these opportunities are quite limited.

  • Volunteering with a non-Global Learning event (outside of our office): Volunteering for events not organized by the Office of Global Learning but still affiliated with a UCalgary faculty or department can count towards your hours but are subject to approval. These events must contain a component of promoting a Global Learning program or experience. Please send an email with details to prior to the event for approval.

2. Apply to be a Content Creator: 

While you are abroad you can apply to be a Content Creator. Our Content Creators write blogs, collect and submit photos, and help with Social Media promotions and takeovers. Being a Content Creator fulfills your entire promotional requirements. Applications to be a Content Creator typically open in the month or two ahead of your departure. Please email us at and CC if you have any questions or are interested! Please note, this option is not available if you have already returned from your program.

3. Write a blog or article: 

Students who write a blog for our UCalgary Abroad page about their experience in one of our programs can have their 2-hour requirement fulfilled. If you are interested in writing a blog, please notify our team at and follow the instructions provided in our Blog Guidelines

There are instances where other forms of writing or articles might count towards your requirements. This includes writing for other UCalgary online sources that promote study abroad opportunities (e.g. a faculty’s blog, website, or program information page), articles that are published by on-campus publications (e.g. Gauntlet, UThisWeek), articles written for relevant student club newsletters, or if you were interviewed by or wrote for your host institution while abroad (we would need permission to re-post and share the article on our blog page). Please contact to discuss any of these possibilities.

If you wish to use articles published on your personal blog towards your promotional requirement, you will need to contact in advance to discuss this. 

4. Submit a collection of photos: 

Students who submit 15-30 photos can have their 2-hour requirement fulfilled. These photos should document your study abroad experience, with special emphasis on the student experience (i.e. photos of you and friends at your host university and host city, not on landscapes). The goal is to use these photos in our marketing materials, so ensure they are good quality and high resolution. 

Please notify our team that you intend to submit photos for your requirements at and follow these instructions: 

  • Select 15-30 high quality, high-resolution photos with good lighting and clear focus. photos must be in jpeg or png format (no heic photos please)

  • Label each photo

  • Create a separate word document that describes/gives context to each photo and your study abroad experience (do NOT put your photos in this document) 

  • We will create a unique google drive link for you to submit your photos. Please email us at to let us know when you are ready and we will send that link to you. 

  • Download and sign this release form

  • Upload your photos, word document, and release form to your Google Drive file

Please note, all photos must be submitted individually. Do NOT put them in a word doc, pdf, etc. Pasting/saving photos in a document not only makes it difficult to utilize for materials, but it severely degrades their quality. 

5. Social Media Takeover: 

One of the ways that you can fulfil your 2-hour volunteer requirement is to create a one-day social media takeover for us. This involves sharing stories and pictures about your experience in your program. If this is what you would like to do to satisfy your requirements, please email us at You will be given instructions on how to sign up through Elevate. These opportunities are limited and fill up quickly, so please pick a back-up promotional requirement in case this option is no longer available. 

6. Enter our International Video Contest: 

Each Fall semester in the month of October the University of Calgary International (UCI) holds an International Video Contest. Students who have been abroad are encouraged to submit a short video promoting the city, university, and experience they had while abroad. Submissions can count for the following hour equivalents: 

  • A shorter “reel” style submission of 60-seconds will count towards 1-hour of volunteer work. You will need to sign up for additional postering or tabling to fulfil the rest of this requirements 

  • A longer submission video format (usually around 5-6 minutes) will count towards a full 2-hours of volunteer work 

Please refer to our International Video Contest website for more information on the contest and how to apply. If we are outside of the contest window and you are not able to submit an entry, please select a different option to fulfil your requirements. 

7. Enter (and win) our International Photo Contest:

Students who enter and place in the International Photo Contest (honorable mention or higher) can receive 1-hour worth of volunteering credit towards their promotional requirement. Make sure to notify the coordinator at regarding your participation. 

For instructions on how to enter, please check our International Photo Contest Page. The photo contest is usually held during the Winter semester. Please note, simply submitting photos to the International Photo Contest is not sufficient for fulfilling your requirement.

8. Volunteer at the Global Learning Office as an Ambassador: 

Students who volunteer as Global Learning Ambassadors will have their promotional requirement fulfilled. As an ambassador you will assist students interested in our programs, conduct peer advising, and help with promotional activities throughout the semester/year that you are involved.  

This is a formal, long-term role in our office that you must apply for. Applications are typically taken once per year, usually in April or May. Please see the website for more information. If we are outside of the application window, please select a different option to fulfil your requirements for the travel grant. 

9. Suggest an idea!  

We are always looking for new promotional suggestions. Let us know your idea by emailing us at to see if it will count toward your hours!

Upon your return, you must complete our Program Survey. This is due within three weeks of completing your period abroad.

Click here for the 2022/23 survey

Any questions or technical difficulties should be directed to