NTU Summer School - Haskayne only

Spend 4-6 weeks in tropical Singapore this summer while you study at one of the world's top universities (#11 globally, QS 2020).

Singapore is known for its multicultural cuisine, as well as being one of the world's safest cities. Nanyang Technological University is recognized worldwide for cutting-edge technological research - this year they are offering courses in photojournalism, Cyber security and 3D printing & Bio printing, led by the world foremost expert on the subject!

With English as one of Singapore's four official languages, it is an easy and comfortable city in which to live and the perfect base from which to explore Asia. With over 300 cities within a 7 hour flight radius from Changi International, Singapore's airport is consistently ranked #1 of all international airports in the world!

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Summer 2020 applications

Priority deadline Jan. 8, 2020

University-specific additional requirements

No academic reference required - see the Eligibility section below.

Summer 2021 applications

Open Fall 2020

Program details

Haskayne Exchange Areas of Study:

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • International Business

Ensure you review your course selection with a Haskayne exchange advisor before leaving for your exchange to confirm transfer credit.

Haskayne undergraduate students must take their core courses at the University of Calgary. Students can take two senior commerce and/or non-commerce options, and/or a maximum of 2 concentration courses (not ACCT/PLMA). They are required to maintain full time status while on exchange.

Most tracks run for 4 weeks (with the exception of Track 4, which offers either the 4 week or 6 week option):

  • The 4 week program runs from July 1 to July 26, 2019 (check-in on June 26th)
  • The 6 week program runs from June 24 to Aug 2, 2019 (check-in on June 19th)

Please check your track and the courses for exact dates. 

  1. Costs

    Exchange students pay their tuition and academic fees to the University of Calgary. Other expenses are paid directly to the service provider. 

    The summer program registration fee (150 SGD), administration fee (900 SGD), accommodation (930 SGD for 4 weeks) total roughly $1980 SGD, plus airfare, local transit, insurance, vaccinations, visas, meals, and any personal expenses.

    Those staying for 6 weeks can expect an additional $420 SGD for the additional 2 weeks of accommodation. 

  2. Funding

    Did you know that you can take your UCalgary funding with you on exchange?  
    Since you remain a degree seeking student at UCalgary while on exchange you remain eligible for any awards and scholarships you are eligible to receive from the university as well as student loans.

    UC International administers the International Study Travel Grant for students travelling on approved UCalgary study programs that are credit bearing. The amount changes year to year as the money is split evenly between qualified applicants. Students may only receive the study travel grant once. Please see the funding page for more information.

Summer program students will live in residence, in a twin-sharing room arrangement. Meals are not included, but there are several residence canteens and food vendors around campus for students to purchase their meals from. Kitchen facilities are not available.

The campus spreads across 500 acres of lush, green tropical gardens and innovative building structures. 

Rooms are furnished with a bed, mattress, study table, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf and bulletin board (to pin notes, etc). Each room is fitted with window coverings such as blinds or curtains, lighting and a fan. There are phone jacks and Ethernet connections in each room. You have to bring or buy your own LAN cable for wired LAN connection in the rooms. WIFI is available at the common areas in the halls of residence. Other fittings may be provided and these vary from hall to

Note: Bed‐linen, blankets and pillows will NOT be provided. Students will have to purchase their own bed‐linen, pillows and blankets when they arrive in NTU. Refer to this suggested packing list.

Suggested items to bring/buy: 

  • Shower tote bucket
  • Toiletries
  • Towels, washcloths (recommended 2 sets)
  • Shower shoes
  • Single‐size bed sheets/linen, blanket, pillow, pillow cases
  • Laundry bag, detergent
  • Clothes hangers and pegs
  • Laptop, with internet Cable or pocket router
  • ​​​​​​​Padlocks

Haskayne students at UCalgary can ONLY apply for this partner through Haskayne, and must meet the Haskayne requirements for exchange.

If you plan to travel on a passport from an Assessment Level 1 or 2 country according to the Singapore visa assessment, we recommend to look at programs outside of Singapore. If you are a citizen of Singapore, you will not be eligible for Singapore exchange programs. Please speak with an advisor for more information. 

Students with disabilities can consult the Accessible Education Unit website at NTU to see if their support services meet your needs.

The exchange advisor for this program is: Erin Mizzoni

How to Apply

Download the application guide

This PDF contains information on how to complete your application and what to do after you have applied.

Application guide

Identify three programs of interest

We recommend applying for your top three programs for the priority application deadline, as placement may be competitive. We will assess your applications in ranked order.

Check requirements and deadlines

These may vary by program, so check the individual program pages and make sure that you are aware of any different application deadlines or eligibility requirements.

Start your application

Once you have gathered everything you need, you can begin your application!

Please note: Applications will not be considered complete until all required documents are submitted in full.


International travel presents challenges that may not be found when attending classes on campus. There may be a lack of resources, emergency services, hospitals, accessibility issues and/or demands on the physical and the mental self, all of which can challenge individuals when away from their usual support systems and structures. Adequate preparation is essential.

For this reason, it is imperative that you evaluate all aspects of your own physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual condition against the rigors of the particular study abroad program you are selecting. If you are unsure of whether or not this program is a good fit for you and/or if you have any circumstances that could impede your enjoyment of the program, please contact us. Our Study Abroad Team will be happy to assist in finding the best options for you and arrange any supports or accommodations necessary to ensure your success.

Please note if you have or are seeking a certificate from Student Accessibility Services, you should provide this early to your Study Abroad Advisor to ensure that the option that you are seeking can support your needs.