Bio-inspired design in Mexico

Engineering design, inspired by nature.

Biomimicry is the practice of developing sustainable design ideas inspired nature. On this seven-day learning adventure, students will explore the rich and diverse ecosystems in the Veracruz state of Mexico. Here, you will use alpine, grassland, conifer forest, desert, volcanic lake, cloud forest, tropical evergreen forest, tropical oak forest, rainforest, and mangroves to experience the natural world in order to work with the biomimicry methodology and solve design challenges culminating in a service learning activity.


During the week, you are invited to hike, swim, raft, take a night walk through the rainforest, explore with all your senses, and learn in an open-air classroom. By the end of this group study program, you will know how to practically apply biomimicry as a design tool and understand the history, philosophy, and ethics of the discipline. Additionally, you will learn how to apply the biological and ecological principles relevant to design, problem solve creatively in the field, and gain a fresh perspective on the natural world. 

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Spring 2020

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Group Study

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This program is now closed for applications.

Eligibility requirements

This program is open to students in all majors. See the Eligibility section below for more details.

Info sessions

September 24, 4 – 5pm, SSE ENG 401
September 26, noon – 1pm, SSE ENG 401

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For program information, please contact Dr. Marjan Eggermont at 

For application and registration support, please contact the Group Study Team at

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Program details

Questions about these courses should be directed to the program instructor.

Please note: course descriptions are tentative and subject to change.

  1. Courses offered

    Students on this program are required to enroll in one course:

    ENGG 523: Bio-inspired Engineering Expedition (3 units)

  2. Prerequisites

    Students must be in third year standing in order to participate in this program.

    Students from all majors are welcome to participate in this program, with preference given to students in an Engineering major. 

  1. Pre-departure

    April 8, Calgary: Bio-inspired design intensive (day 1)

    April 30, Calgary: Bio-inspired design intensive (day 2)

    Date TBD, Calgary: First aid

    Date TBD, Calgary: Travel medical clinic

    Date TBD, Calgary: Pre-departure Orientation

  2. In-field

    May 1, Calgary: Depart Calgary for Mexico City (overnight in Mexico City)

    May 2, Mexico: Travel from Mexico City to Camp Veracruz

    May 3, Camp Veracruz: Alchichica Lagoon Camp orientation and information session

    May 4, Camp Veracruz: Explore the Mangrove-wetland

    May 5, Camp Veracruz: Design workshop

    May 6, Camp Veracruz: River rapid day trip

    May 7, Camp Veracruz: Information session and work at Camp Veracruz

    May 8, Mexico: Travel from Camp Veracruz to Mexico City

    May 9, Mexico City: Depart for Calgary or independent travel

  3. Post-field

    May 25: Final project due


  1. Costs

    The estimated cost of the Bio-inspired design in Mexico Group Study Program will include tuition, airfare, field trips, local transportation, accommodations and meals. For the full cost breakdown and payment deadlines, please see the program Student Cost Summary

    Important information regarding deposit payments: Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits secure your space in the program and allows payment for logistical arrangements to be made in advance.


    2020/21 Tuition Fees:

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    • Graduate thesis students: A new tuition structure that will even out program costs over the length of the program versus having higher costs in years one (Masters) or pre-candidacy (PhD)
    • All continuing students:  5% increase to tuition fees

    If approved, these rate increases will be in effect for the Spring 2020 term.

  2. Funding

    International Study Travel Grant: Students studying abroad may be eligible for the University of Calgary's International Study Travel Grant. For more information on eligibility, application details and deadlines please click here.

    Schulich Student Activity Fund: All Schulich students are also encouraged to take advantage of the Schulich Student Activity Fund (SSAF). For more information, please click here.

    Student loans: If you qualify for student loans, your program should qualify. We are able to provide you with a letter confirming your participation in the program for funding purposes. Please email to request a letter.

    Please note that eligibility for student loans is determined by your loans provider. 


Participants will be staying at the accommodations provided at the Talloguaya Camp in Veracruz.

At Talloguaya Camp, you will be sleeping under a bamboo structure. Each campsite has a wall tent equipped with cots or lightweight bed.


All meals will be provided during your stay at the camp: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.

Menus are designed in harmony with the seasonality of the place and the learning experience of the campers according to each day's itinerary. Food items are locally sourced. Meals will consist of authentic Veracruz cuisine, from scratch served in a common space “palapa”.

Please note that the camp has a strong emphasis on fresh ingredients, seasonal and balanced meals, as well as inclusion, therefore food restrictions and allergies will be accommodated. All participants are required to fill out a form indicating food restrictions/allergies in advance of arrival. If you plan to bring your own food items, it is requested to please inform the camp of this. 

For more information on the facilities, please contact Dr. Marjan Eggermont at 

This program is open to undergraduate students in good academic standing from all faculties. Preference will be given to students from the Schulich School of Engineering, but students of all faculties are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Applications will be considered after your application, unofficial transcript, and supplementary questionnaire have been received by Study Abroad.

  1. Statement of Purpose

    Please tell us why you want to study abroad, why you have selected this particular program (academic reasons, personal interest, career prospects, etc.), how this program will meet your academic objectives and/or complement your degree, how you plan to finance your program and why you should be selected.

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  3. Program-specific questionnaire

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Program-specific FAQs

Q: How are students selected?

A: A set number of spaces are available for the program. Student applications will be reviewed and accepted/declined/waitlisted on a weekly basis until all spaces are filled. While good academic standing is required, instructors look for students from a variety of backgrounds to make up the traveling group.

Einstein said: “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Beyond understanding, we will come up with design ideas supporting local needs and opportunities.

Dr. Marjan Eggermont

Program Instructor

Getting started

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