Lauren Muitz

Lauren Muitz

Lauren recently completed a research project evaluating the feasibility, reliability, and concurrent validity of a field test of exertion in adolescents. Following the completion of this project Lauren's PhD research will focus on the exercise physiological component associated with concussion rehabilitation. With a background in exercise physiology Lauren plans to work towards bridging the gap been sport-related concussion rehabilitation and exercise physiology. She will also be facilitating the performance measures performed at baseline and post injury in the SHRed project. Lauren is the President of the ICRP trainee committee

Supervisor: Carolyn Emery, Jonathan Smirl

Laboratory: Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre 


Integrated Concussion Research Program Graduate Studentship (2019-2020) 


Baseline performance  of high school rugby player on the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5). Amanda M. Black, CAT(C), PhD, Lauren N. Miutz, M.S.,Vineetha Warriya KV, PhD, Kathryn Schneider, PT, PhD, Keith Owen Yeates, PhD, Carolyn A. Emery, PT, PhD. (2019)