Heidi Morrison

Heidi Morrison

Heidi is completing her fourth year at the University of Calgary studying Kinesiology with a major in Exercise and Health Physiology (Honours). She is conducting an honours research project under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Emery, co-supervised by Dr. Jonathan Smirl. Her project will investigate the association between the Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test and Actigraph physical activity levels of high school athletes involved in high-risk sports. She is also currently working as a research assistant primarily focusing on two studies under the SHRed Injuries Research Program affiliated with the Sport Injury Prevention Centre. These include the SHRed Injuries: Preventing Injuries and their Consequences in Youth Sport and Recreation & SHRed Concussion Surveillance Studies, where she administers the SCAT5 test to high school rugby and football players, and the Pre-OA Ankle Study, where she records anthropometric, strength/balance, and 20m shuttle run data.

Supervisors: Carolyn Emery, Jonathan Smirl

Lab: Sports Injury Prevention Research Centre


SHRed Injuries Research Program funded by $12 million grant from the NFL Scientific Advisory Board

Vi Riddell Paediatric Research Program funded by the Alberta Children’s Hospital

Contact: heidi.morrison@ucalgary.ca