Indigenous Resources at UCalgary

On-Campus Resources

For students, faculty, staff and the public

Indigenous Relations Training

Open to students, staff, faculty and the public who are seeking professional or personal development to gain a better understanding of the issues facing Canada's Indigenous population today and how to effectively build relationships with those communities.

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ii' taa'poh'to'p Workshops

Staff, faculty and students are invited to learn more about the Indigenous Strategy, and develop an understanding of diverse Indigenous cultures in Canada.  


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Indigenous Education Resources

Hosted by the Werklund School of Education, this site is intended to provide academic staff, support staff and students with resources to help inform, inspire, and support professional development in Indigenous education. 

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Arctic Institute of North America

The Arctic Institute of North America is Canada’s first and longest-lived Arctic research institute. Since 1945 it has existed as a nonprofit, tax-exempt research and educational organization and has been a part of UCalgary since 1976.

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Writing Symbols Lodge

Writing Symbols Lodge at UCalgary provides a culturally appropriate environment that encourages and supports the success of Indigenous students in their pursuit of knowledge and higher education.

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Student Resources

ii' taa'poh'to'p's vision is supported by Writing Symbols Lodge, which offers a cultural community for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at UCalgary.

Indigenous Students Council

UCalgary's Indigenous Students' Council is an all-inclusive club that serves First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students through peer, cultural and educational support.

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Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement (SAGE) strives to support and nurture the recruitment, retention and completion of Indigenous graduate students. 

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NAPI Program

NAPI is a community-based Indigenous youth outreach program designed to motivate and empower Indigenous youth to become future leaders and to seek the leader within.

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Prospective Students

UCalgary's admissions process is to support participation and success for Indigenous students, and to enrich the intellectual and cultural life at the university.

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Funding Opportunities

Writing Symbols Lodge assists Indigenous students by providing information about various types of post-secondary sponsorship and other sources of financial support.

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Spiritual and Cultural Advising

Writing Symbols Lodge provides opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals to seek one-on-one and personal support through culturally-based community experts.

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