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  • Connectica - Alberta's portal for connecting innovators to funding, facilities, and services.
  • Futurepreneur - offers financing and expertise to get your start-up off the ground for entrepreneurs from 18-39. 
  • Innovation Canada - find funding programs and services that could help grow your idea into reality. 
  • Start Alberta - a directory of resources to support Alberta's start-up organizations.  
  • Opstart: a guide to business grants for female entrepreneurs in Canada
  • More funding resources can be found here.

Startups with at least one female founder raised 21% more in venture capital funding than companies with all male teams, according to a study released by the Kauffman Fellows Research Center.


Indigenous Women in Business: Mentorship and Entrepreneurship




Dr. Gina Cherkowski

Founder of STEM Learning Lab and Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of EdgeMakers

Gina is an award-winning innovative disruptor, social entrepreneur, community builder and founder in STEAM.

Gina can advise in: leadership, social innovation, entrepreneurship, speaking and strategic planning. 

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Rena C. Tabata

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Think Tank Innovations Ltd.

Rena is the founder and CEO of Think Tank. She led UBC Medicine’s initiatives to advance health ethics and integrate the Royal College’s Physician & Surgeon competency areas, such as information management, into the medical curriculum. For the past 6 yrs, she’s led strategy and teams for a Fortune500 on global energy projects valued at $2.4Bil USD.

Rena can advise in: executive leadership, health innovation, entrepreneurship, international business development and project management. 

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Cara Wolf

Cara Wolf

Founder and CEO of Ammolite Analytx

Cara is the Founder and CEO of Ammolite Analytx, a boutique incubator and advisory firm specializing in business ventures related to technology innovations, machine learning and cyber security for global companies, government and private sector clients.

Cara can advise in: technology innovation, scaling business, cyber-security, raising capital and entrepreneurship. 

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Jennifer Lussier

Founder of Eff Academy 

Entrepreneur in Residence for Platform Calgary 

Jennifer is the founder of Eff Academy, a forum where entrepreneurs can find commonalities and connect on the challenges they've shared in starting, running, scaling, and sometimes shuttering, their businesses. She also advises tech startups as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Platform Calgary and consults with companies on brand and marketing.

Jennifer can advise in: executive leadership, tech entrepreneurship, consulting and raising capital. 

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Rosalee Gordon

Chief Product Officer of Path to CPO

Rosalee is the Chief Product Officer of Path to CPO.  She has two decades of experience in the technology industry, including B2B SaaS, IoT, and hardware solutions for industrial logistics, industrial monitoring, home renovation, and telecommunications. With experience in startup, scaleup, and global companies, her roles have spanned product leadership, marketing, strategy, engineering, project management, supply chain, and finance.  She is the founder and Executive Director of the Calgary Associate Product Manager program, and a founder and past-president of Product Calgary.  She has an M.Sc. in engineering and a B.Comm in finance, from the University of Calgary.

Rosalee can advise in: entrepreneurship in technology,  B2B SaaS, IoT, and executive leadership, capital raising and public speaking.

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deanna burgart

Deanna Burgart, P.Eng

Senior Instructor & Teaching Chair, Schulich School of Engineering

Deanna Burgart P.Eng, CET is a Senior Instructor and Teaching Chair in the Schulich School of Engineering focused on integrating Indigenous knowledge in engineering. She brings over 20 years of experience in energy and pipelines and is passionate about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People. She helps STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused organizations and educators operationalize Indigenous inclusion in their work.

Deanna can advise in: inclusivity & diversity in STEM business, Indigenous knowledge, sustainable development in energy

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Claire Dixon

Co-founder and COO of Neuraura and 4pi Lab

Claire is a Co-founder and COO for two deep tech startups, Neuraura and 4pi Lab, with responsibility for commercial, financial and administrative aspects.

Claire can advise in: health innovation, leadership, operations management, strategic consulting and financial modelling. 

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Heather Herring

Vice-Chair of Platform Calgary, Principal,  Make It So Inc. and Executive in Residence of Zone Startups Calgary

Heather is a professional engineer and proud alumna of the Haskayne School of Business. She is known for her ability to pinpoint the essential elements of an idea, business, challenge or person and use her leadership, innovation, and management skills to identify opportunities for excellence.

Heather can advise in: executive leadership, entrepreneurship in engineering, coaching, board governance and raising capital. 

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Dr. Christy Lane

Founder of Vivametrica 

Christy is an award-winning exercise scientist and health-tech entrepreneur with expertise in big data, wearable devices, and precision medicine. Currently, she is the Chair of Health and Physical Education at Mount Royal University, founder of Vivametrica and a founding member of the Stanford Wearable Health Lab.

Christy can advise in: wearable technology, big-data, health innovation and entrepreneurship, international business development, public speaking and executive leadership.

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Audrey Mascarenhas

President and CEO of Questor Technology Inc.

Audrey has worked in energy for over 35 years with Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. and Questor Technology Inc. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. 

Audrey can advise in: entrepreneurship in engineering, raising capital, executive leadership, venture creation and cleantech. 


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Tiffany Kaminsky

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Symend

Tiffany is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Symend. She is a passionate entrepreneur and expert in data-driven consumer engagement with over ten years' experience in marketing, client success, and strategy. Symend’s new platform is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the collections process by combining AI, machine learning, workflow automation, predictive analytics, and positive collections tactics to incentivize debtors to repay outstanding debts, and will make a profound positive impact on the delinquent debt industry.Tiffany lives in Calgary, Canada and has a BComm with a major in Marketing and minor in Management from the Edwards School of Business from the University of Saskatchewan.

Tiffany can advise in: data-driven consumer engagement, marketing, strategy development, entrepreneurship in fintech. 

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